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Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle

Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle

Deutschland/Belgien/Luxemburg 2017 - mit den Stimmen von Tilman Döbler, Nicolette Krebitz, Christian Gaul, Marcus Off ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Richard, the Stork
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Children's Movie
Regie:Toby Genkel
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Belgien/Luxemburg 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 84 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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Little sparrow Richard is convinced he is a stork. After all, the orphan was raised by storks, so he simply has to be one too. But when his foster family prepares to fly to warm Africa in the cold winter months, they have to take Richard's illusions away. A little sparrow would never make the strenuous and dangerous journey. Richard doesn't want to accept that - after all, he's no sparrow. And so he sets out all alone to follow his stork family. He gets help from Olga, the somewhat too big dwarf owl, her imaginary boyfriend Oleg and the karaoke parakeet Kiki. A truly unusual troop, which experiences all kinds of dangerous and turbulent adventures on its way to Africa…

The animal adventure "High-flyer - Small birds, big clatter" is a nice animated film for children, but adults can also have fun with it. Certainly, often the film clearly follows the pattern used in almost all current animated films. Moreover, in some scenes you can quickly see parallels to other animated films, in which director Toby Genkel and his team have all too obviously made use of themselves. Nevertheless, the whole thing works really well with small compromises.

The creators succeeded in adding some really original ideas to all the conventional elements, which not only children can laugh about. In addition, the characters are sometimes very affectionately weird and unadapted and thus provide a little fresh wind in the animated film standard mush. The animations are nice, but partly also rather simple. This comparatively small production cannot compete with the quality of Pixar or Dreamworks animation. But the movie can score with a lot of charm, which is more important in the end.

The story is exciting and amusing for children. The message is good, even if it is not conveyed subtly. Even though "Überflieger - Kleine Vögel, großes Geklapper" may not be a masterpiece, it's a really loveable outsider story with some really good ideas and charmingly weird characters. But there is a very clear one: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
  • Highflyer - Small birds, big rattle
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