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How on earth

How on earth

Schweden 2015 - mit Frida Hallgren, Niklas Falk, Jakob Oftebro, Lennart Jähkel ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Så ock på Jorden
Regie:Kay Pollak
Produktionsland:Schweden 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 135 Min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Several months have passed since the death of conductor Daniel. Lena (Frida Hallgren) only remembers the short happiness she shared with him in Ljusåker and the child she carries in her belly. Otherwise it doesn't just look pretty gloomy in her life. Pastor Stig (Niklas Falk) is also lying on the ground. Since Daniel's death his church is empty again and he can only stun his disappointment with alcohol. Nevertheless, he is there when Lena - cut off from the outside world by a snowstorm - needs his help in the birth of her child. Out of gratitude she now wants to help Stig. Because the church council wants to get rid of the drunkard. The great jubilee concert of the congregation, which will even be broadcast on television, offers the perfect opportunity to replace Stig. But Lena won't let that happen. She sets up a choir to rehearse a very special version of the "Hallelujah" from Handel's "Messiah". But whether the Council of Churches will engage in experiments and whether Stig's position can thus be saved?

"Wie auf Erden" is the continuation of the audience favourite "Wie im Himmel", which became an absolute surprise hit in 2005 with 1.4 million viewers. It took ten years, but now Pollak delivers the eagerly awaited return to Ljusåker and his lovably quirky characters. But already after a few minutes it becomes clear that he should have rather left it at that. Even though some of the actors from Part 1 are back - first and foremost the charming Frida Hallgren as Lena, who is characterized by unshakeable optimism - and even though you quickly feel at home again in the small village, the film lacks almost everything that made the predecessor so enchanting.

The characters seem to shout at each other in a tour. There is an exaggerated hysteria here, under which every form of emerging charm is immediately buried again. And if the characters don't behave hysterically, they still can't manage to build up real sympathy levels. Moody and often pitied with self-pity, the characters fight their way through a carefully constructed dramaturgy, which in some moments seems like a copy of the first part, in others like a mere collection of clichés. With a runtime of more than two hours the whole thing is unnecessarily stretched, so that you really don't feel like in heaven anymore.

The first part also had its weaknesses. But he seemed kind of real and cordial. "As on Earth", on the other hand, only appears constructed and is too tense to win the favor of the audience. Pollak weaves scenes into the story that scream to make the audience smile and the sun rise in their hearts. But unlike in part 1 these scenes don't come out of the story in a believable way, but only seem manipulative and somehow soulless. "Wie auf Erden" is once again a sad example of the fact that some films simply shouldn't be continued. This seemingly uninspired work is only a shadow of its predecessor and a great disappointment in almost every respect. Even if, like me, you really liked "Like in heaven" very much, very much, you should consider twice whether you really want to buy a cinema ticket for this overlong and unnecessary sequel. But there is only one not so heavenly: Very conditionally worth seeing!

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  • How on earth
  • How on earth
  • How on earth
  • How on earth
  • How on earth
  • How on earth
  • How on earth
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