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Interstellar - Blu-ray

Interstellar - Blu-ray

USA 2014 - mit Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Wes Bentley, Matt Damon ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung - Film:


Genre:Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure
Regie:Christopher Nolan
Produktionsland:USA 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 169 Min.
FSK:From 12 years
Anzahl der Disc:2
Sprachen:German, English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Untertitel:Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Dänisch, Finnisch, Schwedisch, Norwegisch, Isländisch
Bildformat:16:9 (Variabel 2.40:1 und 1.78:1 [IMAX-Sequenzen]) 1080p High Definition
Extras:The Science of INTERSTELLAR, Inside INTERSTELLAR (14 Featurettes), Trailer
Label:Warner Home Video Germany
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Film: Christopher Nolan has once again staged great cinema with his latest film "Interstellar". For me as a film lover, the youngest child of the "Inception" and "Dark Knight" director is a real celebration. For me as a film critic, on the other hand, the work proves to be a real challenge. After all, how can you write about a film that seems most intense when the audience knows as little as possible about the plot and the topics dealt with in the film beforehand? Smaller spoilers can unfortunately not be avoided despite all efforts, unless I would already end the criticism at this point. But of course the important twists and turns are not revealed here and some aspects of the story are only evaluated in hints.

The story of "Interstellar" takes place in a not too distant future in which the Earth's natural resources are exhausted and man faces his impending extinction. The former pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) tries to give his two children Murph (Mackenzie Foy) and Tom (Timothée Chalamet) something like a hint of hope for a better future after the death of his wife as a farmer. But he must realize that this hope is unfounded. Therefore he joins an extremely risky and top secret research project of NASA, where on the other side of a wormhole a new home for mankind is to be searched. It is a journey into the unknown that could last a few years or decades. In the worst case Cooper would not return to Earth and never see his children again. But as long as there is a chance that humanity can survive and Murph and Tom have a future, he is willing to take that risk. But what awaits him beyond our galaxy runs against all his expectations...

This is roughly the initial situation of "Interstellar", which is built up in the first 45 minutes of the almost 3 hours running time. In this part of the film, Nolan also relies increasingly on a mixture of scientifically guaranteed closeness to reality and very human emotionality. With his usual fascinating visual language and a very spherical soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, who focuses increasingly on organ sounds, Nolan creates a very special atmosphere that is difficult to escape. And even if it can already be assumed here that the father-daughter story threatens to drift a little into kitsch, there is no doubt in the first third that Nolan has created another masterpiece here.

This impression intensifies as soon as Cooper and his research crew cross the wormhole. The pictures that Nolan and his team have brought to the screen here are simply fascinating and one wants to lose oneself in this trip to a foreign galaxy. But even if the plot shifts back to earth and follows the now grown-up children of Cooper, portrayed by Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck, the story and its visual implementation remain gripping, moving and fascinating. However, it has always been more difficult to follow the scientific explanations here. Now at the latest, you as a viewer should just let yourself be carried away by the emotional side of the story and not question the rest too much. Because this could significantly reduce the further enjoyment of "Interstellar".

Because more and more it becomes clear that love is the central theme of the film. Sure, there are some great special effects, some extremely exciting and action-packed moments and a lot of scientific babble. But in the end everything revolves around love, whereas Cooper's love for his kids and especially Murph's is of course in the foreground. Therefore, Nolan also takes a lot of time for quiet, emotional moments, which stand in strong contrast to the action-overkill of "The Dark Knight Rises". In the finale, the whole thing threatens to overshoot the mark a bit and viewers, who expected a lot of action and who are the bare horror for the emotional cinema, might not like the last act very much. But if you get involved with what Nolan wants to tell here and also let yourself fall emotionally, you will probably be very moved by this movie at the end like me.

Sicherlich, "Interstellar" is not a perfect movie. At times the music is mixed a bit too intrusively, at the end small lengths come up and the mixture of touching emotional cinema and Nolan's usual claim of a certain anchorage in reality only works to a limited extent, especially in the last third. Nevertheless, the film is a great experience on different levels. Visually, "Interstellar" is a masterpiece that still works very well on the TV screen. The story is simply very, very beautiful and the actors are quite outstanding. In the end, the movie actually only suffers from the expectations of the audience, as many expected nothing less from Nolan after "Inception" or "Dark Knight" than another groundbreaking milestone of modern cinema. And as great as "Interstellar" is, the work has not become such a milestone. Therefore, if you can lower your expectations a little and adjust to emotional cinema and above all get involved, you will get one of the most impressive visual experiences of the last few months. Absolutely worth seeing!!!

Picture + sound: The technical implementation of the Blu-Ray is, as expected, on a very high level. The very clean image has a very good overall sharpness, a pleasant depth and harmoniously mixed black values, which hardly swallow any details even in the numerous darker scenes. The fact that the contrasts in some scenes appear somewhat blurred is a deliberately used stylistic device, which should therefore not be evaluated negatively. The change of the picture format between the "normal" and the IMAX sequences is quite seamless and underlines the very positive overall impression of the picture quality.

The sound, which perfectly transports the numerous surround effects to the home cinema, is just as much fun as the visual conversion. The dialogues are mixed in most moments very powerful and easy to understand. The fact that the music overlays the events in some scenes is also deliberately chosen by Nolan and is very good!

Extras: With the bonus material the interested viewer is offered the full program on the second disc. The 50-minute documentary "The Science of Interstellar", in which astrophysicist Kip Thorne, who was involved in the film as a consultant and producer, takes centre stage, kicks off. Thorne explains here the scientific backgrounds on which the story is based. A very interesting and entertaining documentation, which should have been a bit longer.

We continue with the section "Inside Interstellar". Here, 14 featurettes with a total running time of just over two hours offer a comprehensive insight into the conception, creation and post-production of the film. From the music to the sets, the design, the mix of miniatures and computer effects, the simulation of weightlessness to the design of the robots or the production of a dust storm, almost all aspects of the production are analyzed here using interviews, photos and shots from the shooting. The only drawback of this very worth seeing Making-of featurettes is the lack of a "Play All" function.

Finally the disc has the teaser and three trailers for the movie to offer. Very good!

Fazit: "Interstellar" is also a great cinema on Blu-ray. If you can get involved with the story and its message, you will get really wonderful food for the eyes, the spirit and the heart. The Blu-ray presents the film in convincing picture and sound quality and also offers a lot of interesting and informative extras on a second disc. But there is also a more than deserved one: Absolutely recommendable!

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