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It's better to live together

It's better to live together

Frankreich 2016 - mit André Dussollier, Bérengère Krief, Arnaud Ducret, Julia Piaton ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Adopte un veuf
Regie:Francois Desagnat
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 97 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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Since the death of his beloved wife, the widower Hubert Jacquin (André Dussollier) has been living in complete seclusion in his large old Paris apartment. Hubert just wants to be alone - he would only let a cleaning lady into his apartment. Believing that the young Manuela (Bérengère Krief) would like to apply for this job, he shows the lively student his apartment. But she's only looking for a room and can't believe her luck. But the joy lasts only a few moments until Hubert recognises the misunderstanding and he puts the young woman back on the street. But after another encounter the loner is persuaded to let Manuela live with him. What's more, she can convince him to turn the large apartment into a shared flat and take in two more flatmates. And so Hubert suddenly lives together with the nurse Marion (Julia Piaton) and the neurotic lawyer Paul-Gérard (Arnaud Ducret). And even though the four couldn't be more different, the widower soon realizes: you simply live better together!

"Living better together" leaves mixed feelings behind. The film has many wonderful and extremely funny moments. And these are also clearly in the majority. But in the end it is not enough for a positive overall impression. Because there are some scenes that are so overly silly that they just don't work out and want to fit into the otherwise so charming staging. André Dussollier, known from films like "The Fabulous World of Amélie" or the comedy classic "Three Men and a Baby", is great as a grumpy pensioner who just wants his rest. The comedian Bérengère Krief is a chaotic bundle of energy and the perfect counterpart to this, even though her hectic playing is in danger of getting on the spectators' nerves at the beginning. But just as Manuela Hubert, played by her, gradually grows to heart, she also succeeds with the audience, from which the film can certainly profit, especially in the second half.

Julia Piaton and Arnaud Ducret complete the WG very well, so that you like to spend your time as a spectator with the motley crowd - even when it gets a little too silly. It's just a shame that the humor of the movie is so unbalanced. Some scenes have such wonderful situation comedy to offer and also some of the dialogues are really funny, as the exaggerated slapstick club, which is unpacked here at times, really wouldn't have been necessary. The fact that the movie is still bearable even in these weak moments and doesn't completely fall to pieces is thanks to the good and very charming actors, who are still able to turn the tide in time.

So "Gemeinsam wohnt man besser" (Together we live better) with a few small drop-outs is still one of the nice feel-good comedies that made it from France to Germany in the last few months. Who likes sympathetic comedies like "Breakfast at Monsieur Henri's" can also move in confidently in this WG. Worth seeing

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