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Jets - Heroes of the Air

Jets - Heroes of the Air

Russland 2012 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Constantin von Jascheroff, Dave Davis, David Nathan, Michael Schulte ...

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Originaltitel:Ot Vinta
Genre:Animation, Children's Movie, Adventure
Regie:Olga Lopato
Produktionsland:Russland 2012
Laufzeit:Ca. 87 min.
FSK:From 0 years]
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The young aviator Maverick (spoken by Constantin von Jascheroff) has to work all day long on what he sees as absurd work, instead of doing what he has been dreaming about for so long: he wants to become a professional aerobatic pilot and win the big flying competition in which only the best heroes of the air can take part. When he is mistaken for a member of the youth relay team, he is allowed to participate in the training for the competition. Through the quirky bird Falcon (Dave Davis) Maverick finds his way to a disused airfield where he hopes to be trained by the once so great aviator Vet (Thomas Danneberg). But since a tragic accident he doesn't want to know anything more about the flight competition. Only when he sees great potential in Maverick does he agree to train him. But then the light aircraft lady Lightning (Annina Braunmiller) appears and Maverick turns the cockpit around. And so it's over with his concentration, which makes Vet enormously angry. What Maverick doesn't suspect: Lightning was sent by the mean Iceman (David Nathan), because he wants to win the competition and doesn't need such a talented competitor. But when Maverick realizes this, it seems to be too late for him to become a real hero of the air…

Before Disney sends his "Planes" to heaven in autumn, the Russian vanguard arrives in our cinemas with "Jets - Helden der Lüfte". Although the design is clearly based on Pixar's "Cars", the animations of this much cheaper production can never keep up with the big US model. And also the story is much easier knitted than you are used to with similar animated films from big Hollywood studios. As a result, the film, unlike its role models, is not suitable for the whole family, but primarily for smaller viewers.

However, the little ones get their money's worth in this charming adventure. The action is, due to the technical limitations, very child-friendly. The characters are very likeable and Vogel Falcon, spoken by comedian Dave Davis, always makes for good laughs with his capers. Iceman is a bad guy who is mean enough that children find him dangerous, but not frightening. And also other dangers, such as a flock of ninja birds, which at the end of the film still cause a bit of turmoil, are more amusing than fearsome.

Adult companions will not be impressed by the sometimes not very sophisticated dialogues and the very simply knitted humour. Even the story itself does not necessarily shine with excessive originality. But for children the animation adventure is really made very nice. The good dubbing, for which besides "The Voice of Germany" participant Michael Schulte also Johnny Depp's speaker David Nathan and synchro legend Thomas Danneberg could be won over, the lovable hero and some really nice ideas also comfort the fact that "Jets - Heroes of the Air", soberly seen, only looks like a not quite so high-quality cousin of the heroes from Disney/Pixar's "Cars/Planes" universe. And so in the end: for small hobby pilots and cartoon fans up to 12 years worth seeing.

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  • Jets - Heroes of the Air
  • Jets - Heroes of the Air
  • Jets - Heroes of the Air
  • Jets - Heroes of the Air
  • Jets - Heroes of the Air
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