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Jim Knopf and the Wild 13

Jim Knopf and the Wild 13

Deutschland 2020 - mit Henning Baum, Solomon Gordon, Annette Frier, Christoph Maria Herbst, Rick Kavanian ...

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Genre:Adventure, Fantasy, Children's Movie
Regie:Dennis Gansel
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2020
Laufzeit:Ca. 110 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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After Jim Knopf (Solomon Gordon) and Lukas the engine driver (Henning Baum) defeated the dragon Mrs. Mahlzahn, peace returns to Lummerland. But this does not last long. Because Lummerland urgently needs a lighthouse. For Jim and Lukas it's clear: The illusory giant Mr. Tur Tur (Milan Peschel) would be perfectly suited for this. On their journey to his home in the mirrored desert, the two meet the mermaid Sursulapitschi (Sonja Gerhardt), to whom they offer their help to make the sea shine again. But with this they start into a whole new adventure, in which they not only have to face the dangerous pirates of the Wild 13 (Rick Kavanian), but could finally bring to light the truth about Jim's mysterious origins.

With the film adaptation of the children's book classic "Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer", director Dennis Gansel has landed a box-office hit in 2018 which, although it outshone all other German cinema productions this year, was unable to recoup its production costs in full with just over 2 million cinema viewers. Nevertheless, it was clear for Gansel and the producer team that they wanted to tell the whole story of Jim Knopf and therefore also bring the second volume of Michael Ende to the screen. While an unexpected heat wave in 2018 caused many potential viewers to stay away from the cinemas, the corona virus now stands in the way of a resounding success in Part 2. The fact that the decision was nevertheless made not to postpone the film must be given high credit to those responsible. With "Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13" a thrilling family adventure comes to our cinemas, which not only allows young viewers* to immerse themselves in another world for about two hours.

The second part profits very much from the fact that the characters are already established and the story is already running. Thus, the whole thing has a little bit more wit and pacing, which easily makes up for the fact that the movie as a whole doesn't seem to be as big as its predecessor. Scenes, costumes and visual effects are again on a very high level, which isn't really a matter of course, especially for movies from Germany. Humor and also the tension level are kept child-friendly throughout. But only very seldom it gets really silly, so that even as an adult you have a lot of fun.

Among the actors, this time Rick Kavanian has to be especially emphasized, who manages to give every single member of the Wild 13 his own personality. It's also nice that he plays this 13-times role with humour, but not too silly. This also gives the pirate troupe a certain threatening quality, which is very good for the already positive overall impression of the adventure film. One simply has the feeling here that Gansel and his team in front of and behind the camera not only took the original book seriously, but also the target audience.

"Jim Knopf and the Wild 13" has thus not only become a successful children's book adaptation, but also one of the rare sequels that is at least as good - and in some aspects even better - than the first part. But there is clearly one more than deserved: absolutely worth seeing - and especially, but not only for children between 6 and 11 years!

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