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Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

USA 2016 - mit Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly ...

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Originaltitel:Kong: Skull Island
Genre:Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Regie:Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Produktionsland:USA 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 118 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Just as the US troops are being sent home from the Vietnam War, Preston Packard's (Samuel L. Jackson's) unit is being recalled to accompany a group of scientists and adventurers on a dangerous mission. You want to investigate the mysterious island of Skull Island for possible mineral resources and geological peculiarities. But as soon as they arrive on the island, they realize that this island would have been better undiscovered. For here live all kinds of dangerous creatures from ancient times, which are all kept in check by a monstrous monkey: Kong! But when he sees his homeland threatened by the humans and kills many of Packard's men, there is only one goal left for the elite soldier: Kong must die. But this could have catastrophic consequences for the whole world…

"Kong: Skull Island" continues the revival of the cult monsters begun in 2014 with "Godzilla", which should culminate in a meeting of the giants after a "Godzilla" continuation in 2020. Despite these big - and also expensive - plans, the studio did not play it safe and hired a prominent, experienced director, but gave the new generation a chance. Jordan Vogt-Roberts had previously worked primarily for TV series and short films before he was able to deliver a small indie success and absolute favourite with critics with the youth drama "Kings of Summer" in 2013. This solved the ticket for the Big Budget blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island" for him, which he has implemented sovereignly in every respect.

It is especially positive that Vogt-Roberts has added a self-ironic wink to his production in many scenes, so that some extremely clichéd sequences are also pleasantly amusing and entertaining. Moreover, one seems to have learned from the mistakes of "Godzilla". So it doesn't take 2 minutes to get a first glimpse of Kong. And after another twenty or so minutes, in which the characters are introduced and the mission is prepared, there is a lot of action to be seen, whereby not only Kong, but also the many other creatures on the island are mostly seen in bright daylight. So for your money you get something for your eyes. This is where you can switch your brain to pull through.

The effects are mostly excellent. There are some moments when it becomes all too clear that they were shot in front of a green screen. But fortunately such scenes are rather the exception. In addition, Kong's roommates on the island captivate the viewer with a pleasing originality, which repeatedly pushes the movie's show value upwards - even when an effect is not perfectly realized. Kong himself is simply great. The fact that he is much bigger than his predecessors makes sense, because you want him to compete against Godzilla. And there has to be a monkey of considerable size that could probably jump over the Empire State Building if it had been shipped from the island to New York like its predecessors. And when you get a slight idea of what a later encounter with Godzilla might look like when fighting with other giant creatures, you're very happy that the creators have chosen this size.

While Kong really is the King, the human characters remain pale throughout. Tom Hiddleston tries to be a convincing action hero, Oscar-winner Brie Larson tries her best to give her character a little bit of depth and John C. Reilly proves to be the secret star of the movie with his game. Nevertheless, there is actually no character that will be remembered for a long time. However, since the mysterious island and its inhabitants are the focus of the story and there are hardly any real character moments anyway, this flaw is finally acceptable.

"Kong: Skull Island" is nice popcorn entertainment with great show values and good fantasy action. Not more, but also not less. Those who didn't have enough Godzilla at "Godzilla" will get their money's worth monster-wise. By the way, it's well worth staying seated until after the credits, because there is another very nice scene, which doesn't show any beings in itself, but which reveals what kind of universe should be started with these first two movies and how much potential there is in it. If this is exploited so amusingly, as in the case of "Kong: Skull Island", then fans can look forward to a few very entertaining hours. Absolutely worth seeing!

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