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Last Christmas

Last Christmas

Großbritannien 2019 - mit Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Emma Thompson ...

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Originaltitel:Last Christmas
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Regie:Paul Feig
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 103 min.
FSK:6 years and older
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All of London seems to be in Christmas fever. Kate (Emilia Clarke) should feel very comfortable now, as she works as an angel in a Christmas shop. But Kate's life is an absolute mess. Since she fell seriously ill a year ago, she has lost not only her singing talent, but also her desire for life. And so wherever she goes, she leaves nothing but trouble. But then the charming Tom (Henry Golding) enters her life and seems to actually manage to get through to Kate with his disarming way. Slowly the young woman finds joy again in her existence and in sharing this joy with others. But it also becomes clear that Tom is carrying around a secret - a secret that could quickly destroy Kate's found happiness if she doesn't manage to believe in herself… 

"Last Christmas" has been an integral part of the Christmas season for 35 years. George Michael has created a real classic with this Wham! hit. In Germany alone, the song has been in the charts for over 130 weeks. Already ten years ago the idea came up to make a film out of the song. George Michael himself was quite taken with this, but made the condition that Emma Thompson should be involved in the development. In fact, the actress and scriptwriter liked the idea and worked out a concept in coordination with the singer, which she should transform into a script. After the sudden death of George Michael, the project came to a standstill and it looked as if it would not be realized anymore...bsp;

however, Michael's friend and manager David Austin was committed to making the film a reality after all. And so now, under the direction of Paul Feig, an enchanting Christmas comedy comes to our cinemas, which pays tribute not only to the song that gave the title, but to the entire musical oeuvre of George Michael. Yeah, that's cheesy. Yeah, it's full of clichés. And yes, the big twist should be clear to many long before the unveiling. But the film is also simply beautiful, fun and heart-warming. And that's why it's an (almost) perfect Christmas movie. 

The main character has what it takes to get on your nerves. But Emilia Clarke manages to make this character so lovable and charming that you can't blame Kate for her chaotic nature and her character weaknesses. Henry Golding's good-humoured game is a perfect match and you understand very well why Kate falls so easily for his engaging nature. 

A nice story, great music (including a new George Michael song in the credits) and a lot of heart warming Christmas kitsch - yes, "Last Christmas" almost deserved to be called a worthy successor to "Tatsächlich…Liebe". But even if that's not entirely true at the end of the day, the film is simply a nice piece of feel-good cinema for all hopeless romantics. And who feels there addressed, for him applies also this conclusion: Absolutely worth seeing!  

Once a tip: In the last scene keep your eyes open, there is a very nice guest appearance for all WHAM! fans to discover!  

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