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Late Night - The show of a lifetime

Late Night - The show of a lifetime

USA 2019 - mit Mindy Kaling, Emma Thompson, John Lithgow, Reid Scott, Hugh Dancy ...

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Originaltitel:Late Night
Regie:Nisha Ganatra
Produktionsland:USA 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 102 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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To work for talk show legend Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a dream come true for young comedian Molly (Mindy Kaling). But it soon turns out to be a real nightmare. Not only that there are only men on the author team of the show  "Tonight with Katherine Newbury". Moreover, Molly's idol also turns out to be a not exactly friendly person. The show is also struggling to survive in the face of falling ratings. But that's exactly where Molly proves to be a real stroke of luck for the late-night show: with iron will and good ideas she manages to get Katherine's respect and give the show a new boost. But the joy about it is only of short duration… 

Together with Mindy Kaling, who has taken over the leading role as well as the Drehbusch and the production, director Nisha Ganatra has written "Late Night" is an entertaining version of "The Devil wears Prada", which treats with a lot of heart and humour the injustices that women are confronted with every day in the world of work. With a great Emma Thompson, who is in top form especially in the interplay with Mindy Kaling, the movie succeeds very well in spreading its message in a funny, subtle and very entertaining way. At least until the last two minutes. 

These bump into us a bit angry, because they give the audience a (supposedly) perfect world of political correctness with the idealistic sledgehammer around their ears. That may be well-intentioned, but it seems much too clumsy, too intrusive and almost kitschy to vomit. Yeah, it's just the last shot, but it leaves a somewhat bland aftertaste. Until then, however, "Late Night" offers excellent entertainment, which is only affected by the fact that the story isn't exactly a prime example of originality from time to time. 

However, the film makes up for this with its wonderfully drawn protagonists Molly and Katherine. These two characters carry the movie with a pleasant lightness even beyond the somewhat flatter moments. "Late Night" has some of them, but in the end they are much less heavy than the many well done moments. Clever dialogues, subtle jokes and great leading actresses make sure that this comedy deserves to be "absolutely worth seeing" despite its weaknesses!

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  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
  • Late Night - The show of a lifetime
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