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Deutschland 2016 - mit Emilia Schüle, Jannik Schümann, Sina Tkotsch, Anna Bederke ...

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Regie:Florian Gaag
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 96 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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16 year old Lena (Emilia Schüle) is pretty, talented, but a loner. Her former best friend Nicole (Kyra Sophia Kahre) prefers to meet the popular but sneaky Stella (Sina Tkotsch), who does everything she can to break the friendship between Lena and Nicole. When Lena falls in love with her new classmate Tim (Jannik Schümann), who is then turned on by Nicole at a party, Stella seems to have reached her goal: Lena breaks off the contact to Nicole and destroys a housework, which she actually wanted to do for her. As a result, Nicole will remain seated, for which she blames Lena. When by chance the access data for the fake profile of a certain Noah, with whom Lena has exchanged very open and intensive chats, falls into their hands, the girls plan a nasty attack, which is supposed to expose Lena completely in the net. But what consequences this action will actually have, the girlfriends don't suspect…

With his latest film "LenaLove" the celebrated director Florian Gaag ("Wholetrain") dedicates himself to the very current topic of cyberbullying. He shows very well how close the positive and negative aspects of the Internet are to each other. The net opens the gate to the world for people in the truest sense of the word. If you feel completely alone, you can find real friends here who will catch you - or fall for a false identity. And in this youth drama, the protagonist has to experience the consequences in a particularly terrible way. This is atmospherically staged and especially well played by Emilia Schüle.

The whole thing becomes particularly stirring when it becomes clear what destructive power social networks can have. A short video uploaded is enough to expose a person and drive him into social isolation. What effects this can have on the psyche of a young person in particular is something that very few people think about. "LenaLove" attempts to address the problem of the carefree handling of social media without being too masterly. Rather the whole thing is loosened up a little bit by a love story.

Although the topic is important and the staging has good moments, "LenaLove" often lags behind its possibilities. Thus, many of the characters are quite one-dimensional stereotypes and the dramaturgical structure makes use of many clichés. The final then doesn't dare to be really consistent. This dilutes the good message of the film a little and pushes the film too much onto the conventional track. Too bad, because the topic would have needed a more radical implementation in any case. Still: for young viewers the movie offers a decent entertainment value, a good soundtrack and convincing actors in an interesting story. And for that there are all legitimate criticisms to the despite still a decent: Worth seeing!

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