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Let`s be Cops

Let`s be Cops

USA 2014 - mit Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Nina Dobrev, James D´Arcy, Andy Garcia ...

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Originaltitel:Let`s be Cops
Regie:Luke Greenfield
Produktionsland:USA 2014
Laufzeit:About 105 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Justin Miller (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Ryan O`Malley (Jake Johnson) have been best friends since their school days. But the great dreams of the past have unfortunately turned into nothing. While Justin, as a developer of video games, suffers from the fact that his boss has no interest in the idea of an absolutely realistic cop game, the former football hopeful Ryan bobs through everyday life without a firm plan for the future. When they attend a party together in police uniforms, which they think is a costume party, their gloomy existence suddenly brightens up. Because the buddies are actually considered real cops. And that brings some advantages: women give them hot looks, they get free drinks and bad guys suddenly pay them respect. While Justin actually only wants to join in the fun for one night, Ryan really gets along in his new role. And so it doesn't take long until the two friends are in a deep mess and suddenly have to deal with real criminals. And that's no fun at all…  

The basic idea behind "Let`s be Cops - Die Party Bullen" is really very amusing. A classic Buddy-Cop comedy with all common clichés but without real cops to stage, that has something. And so it's the obvious references to the well-known representatives of this genre that make for some really good laughs. Also the scenes in which Justin and Ryan realize for the first time what power the deceptively real looking police uniforms give them, have a very high comedic potential, which director Luke Greenfield ("The Girl next Door") also exploits very well. The fact that the chemistry between the two main actors, who also play two WG buddies in the series "New Girl", is right and that they make two really likeable loser-guys out of their characters also helps the movie to overcome some humorous low blows.

However, even if some gags work really well and the actors can convince, too many scenes are simply stupid or only bearable under the influence of alcohol and other mind-altering substances in order to leave a consistently positive overall impression. Too often, Greenfield simply overshoots the mark and uses crude sex jokes or prolific faecal humour instead of cryptic jokes. That wouldn't be too bad if the comedy didn't show what could have been extracted from the idea of the two wannabe cops in a really funny way. This problem is particularly apparent in a sequence in which Justin and Ryan meet two real policemen and are called to an assignment with them. This scene is simply wonderful at the beginning and makes for some really good laughs. But then, of course, the whole thing has to get out of hand in a completely over-exaggerated disgust gag, which is then also stretched out completely unnecessarily.

Additionally, no subtle or subversive humour should be expected from a film with the subtitle "The Party Bulls". The fact that this is more of a hammer and punch pace should come as no surprise to anyone. But there are several comparable comedies that have shown that even simply knitted gags can work really well without having to be aimed below the belt at every opportunity. So "Let`s be Cops - Die Party Bullen" doesn't give away its complete potential, but too much to be fun without restrictions. If you like lowered US comedy fare and are looking for an entertaining party movie for yourself and your buddies, you could still be served well here, despite some hangers. And that's why the bottom line is that there is also a good one: Worth seeing with small restrictions!

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  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
  • Let`s be Cops
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