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Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD

Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD

Großbritannien 2007 - 2011 - mit Kevin Whatley, Laurence Fox, Clare Holman, Rebecca Front ...


Originaltitel:Lewis – Series 1 - 3
Genre:TV series, Thriller
Regie:Marc Jobst, Sarah Harding, Dan Reed u.a.
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2007 - 2011
Laufzeit:Ca. 1157 Min
FSK:From 12 years
Anzahl der Disc:13
Sprachen:German, English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
Extras:Making of, Pilot episode Inspector Morse (English OV with dt UT)
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Amazon Link : Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD

Contents:Thirteen years Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis (Kevin Whatley) served faithfully alongside Inspector Morse. But in 2000 Morse died a series death and Lewis was promoted to Inspector six years later. In his new function, Lewis met with such great approval from the audience that he was allowed to go into series production after a special. In October 2014, "Lewis - Der Oxford Krimi" will enter its eighth season in its home country. And also in Germany the cases that Lewis and his colleague DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) have to solve in the university town of Oxford are still very popular.

A good time to return to the beginnings of the series. For those who missed the first seasons or don't know the series yet, the first Collector's Box gives you the opportunity to purchase the first three seasons in a complete box. In addition there is also the pilot of "Inspector Morse" on a bonus DVD in the English original with German subtitles.

This collector's box offers a total of twelve exciting cases. Of particular interest, of course, is the first case in which Lewis, who was marked by life, retired completely for two years after his wife died in an accident, and now hopes to be able to return to work in peace with an employment of trainers. A hope that is quickly destroyed, of course, as he immediately has to deal with a murder case again. And even though he is haunted by his own past again and again, Lewis is soon back in his element as an investigator.

The series thrives on the atmospheric backdrop of Oxford, the good interplay between Whatley and Fox, and the successful scripts. These offer very classic crime food, which does not always offer the really big surprises. But the staging of the series comforts us loosely over many a story that seems somewhat constructed. "Lewis - The Oxford Crime" is first-class TV entertainment, which, along with "Inspector Barnaby", "George Gently" and "Hautnah - Die Methode Hill", is undoubtedly one of the best British crime series of the last decade. If you like the series just mentioned and don't know Inspector Lewis yet, you should definitely use this box.

And this is what the first Collector`s Box has to offer:

season 1


DVD 1: The Key to Murder

After the wife of Oxford Detective Inspector Robert Lewis was killed in a car accident, Lewis, formerly assistant to legendary Inspector Morse, retreated to the British Virgin Islands for two years.

Now he's back to take a quiet instructor post at county level. But that won't happen at first. Shortly after he is picked up by the young detective Seargent James Hathaway at the airport, the two detectives are called to a murder case. In a sleep laboratory run by Professor Kate Jekyll, mathematics student Regan Peverill has been shot dead. The suspicion falls on her fellow student Daniel Griffon. After all, the unsub used his door code. But Professor Denniston gives his student Daniel a convincing alibi for the time of the crime.

In their research around the Griffon industrialist family, Lewis and Hathaway encounter relationships of almost shakespearean proportions. Daniel suspects his uncle Rex of murdering his father to live with Daniel's mother. There is also the financial director of the company, Tom Pollock. His daughter Jessica is in love with Daniel.

Before the two commissioners come to examine all these circumstances, the events rush. Tom Pollock is found murdered in his car and Daniel Griffon's body is lying in a rowing boat. Daniel's evidence points to suicide. But you can't fool an old fox like Inspector Lewis, whose criminal instinct has long since awakened again. Daniel was also murdered. Only from who and why? It seems obvious that all three murders are related. But Lewis and Hathaway are still missing the keys to these murders. Lewis finds a clue in the old documents of Inspector Morse, who had investigated the death of old Griffon at the time. Finally, with sheer mathematical precision, a pattern emerges into which all three murders fit.

In the end, Inspector Jean Innocent can only congratulate Inspector Lewis on his sharp eye. And he takes advantage of the opportunity of the hour and spontaneously makes the suggestion that instead of giving lectures as an instructor, he should again go on the hunt for murder in Oxford in the future. Energetically supported of course by James Hathaway. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 2: Demons of the Past

Under a pretext the unsuccessful painter Dean Grealy is lured to Oxford and murdered there. A first suspicion is directed against Ingrid Nielson, the painter's partner in life. His notebook contains strange ancient Greek texts that Inspector Lewis and his assistant Hathaway have translated by the venerable Professor Gold. It speaks of the "sons of the man born twice". Gold also gives the decisive reference to the Dionysian secret society of the same name, which a group of their students founded 20 years ago in Oxford. Intensive pleasures of all kinds, including drugs of course, played a role that should not be underestimated. But Gold knows even more: Dean Grealy was one of the four founding members of the secret covenant at the time. They also included: Sefton Linn, who is about to be elected Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, former medical student Harry Bundrick, who now runs a small bicycle shop, and Theodore Platt, a cynical bon vivant and would-be writer who was wheelchair-bound after an accident. As Lewis and Hathaway find out, in recent days both Professor Linn and Bundrick and Platt have received anonymous threatening calls from a journalist called "Fury". What is the secret that connects former club members? Lewis is certain that this is to be found in the men's student past. But before there are any new findings, Sefton Linn dies. He, too, fell victim to murder. It's time for the two survivors to confide in Inspector Lewis. In the meantime he has found out the identity of the supposed journalist "Fury". This is the occasional prostitute Tina Daniels, who works as a domestic helper for the Platts. The cynical Platt still believes that no one can harm him.

When Inspector Lewis and his assistant Hathaway finally get to the bottom of the student union's cruel secret, they suspect that the perpetrator might well have reasons to continue his vendetta. Tina Daniels, that much is certain, must still have an accomplice who will not rest until his revenge is complete. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 3: The Murder Conspiracy

At the invitation of Oxford Union, a well-known debate club, former criminal and current bestselling author Nicky Turnbull comes to Oxford. The students Caroline Morton, David Harvey and the siblings Jo and Stephen Gilchrist made a special effort to read it. As a former computer hacker, Turnbull allegedly possesses many secrets, he is in constant danger. The Oxford police have already received death threats. And that's how Inspector Lewis of all people gets detached for Turnbull's safety. Lewis is the boastful Turnbull from the first moment on a thorn in the side. Only under protest does he take on his task. After the reading in the club Turnbull wants to spend the night with the two attractive students Jo and Caroline. The next morning, Jo is found murdered at Turnbull's hotel. Turnbull and Caroline, who want to have spent the night together in the next room, didn't notice any of this. Just as Turnbull reveals to Lewis that the alleged death threats against him were just a publicity stunt, the author is shot to death. Delivered from the roof of the opposite building. Now Lewis, who hasn't made the best figure as a bodyguard, and his assistant Hathaway have to solve two murders at once. And as if that weren't already complicated enough, Turnbull's widow turns out to be Lewis's boyhood sweetheart Diane. Could she be behind the two murders? Or is there a whole other context that Lewis and Hathaway have overlooked so far? (Text: ZDF)

DVD 4: Späte Sühne

Rachel Mallory, who was a faithful wife to her husband Hugh and a caring mother to her two daughters, is found hanged in the stairwell of her Oxford home. Apart from the fact that every motive for a suicide seems to be missing, Lewis doesn't believe that Rachel has voluntarily divorced herself from life. Although forensic medicine does not seem to confirm his theory at first, Lewis does not let up. Even Rachel's husband Hugh, a recognized ophthalmologist, has no idea why his wife should have killed herself. But it seems even more absurd to him that she is said to have been murdered. In the meantime, however, the coroner is certain: it was cold-blooded murder. Stephanie, the Mallory's neighbour, is Lewis' most important source of information. Quite apart from that, he finds the woman very likeable in his somewhat awkward-looking way. But can he trust her too? There's help coming from the unexpected side. The terminally ill Professor Plassiter pretends to know the murderer and his motive. In return for his statement, he wants the former student Stoker to be brought to him so that he can apologize to the young man, to whom he apparently did a bitter injustice a long time ago, before his end approaches. But how does Professor Plassiter even know Rachel Mallory? Plassiter was appointed many years ago as a legal expert to a legendary case. However, the girl who was in question at the time was not Rachel Mallory, but Alison Bright. When Lewis and Hathaway find out about the dark secret of the Mallory and Hayward families, it's almost too late, because the murderer, who now feels cornered, is unpredictable and could have planned further victims. From now on, every minute counts. (Text: ZDF)

Staffel 2

DVD 1: Score of Death or code name Siegfried

At the beginning of the second season of the English crime series, Inspector Lewis and his colleague Hathaway get it with the mysterious murder of the renowned Oxford professor of history R.G. Cole.

In his spare time, the professor was enthusiastic about boxing, especially about fights fought without gloves. After attending such an event he meets his colleague Richard Helm in the noble Portobello Club. After being expelled from the club for improper alcohol-related behavior, they go to Helm's apartment. That's where Prof. Cole is murdered a little later. Richard Helm claims to have been on his way to a drinks shop at the time of the crime.

For Inspector Lewis, not only Richard Helm, but also the coach of the boxing club and various young boxers are members of the closer circle of perpetrators. But there are also indications in the notes of the murdered man that point in a completely different direction. Namely to Germany, or more precisely to the former GDR. Again and again, Lewis and Hathaway come across references to Richard Wagner's music and the alias "Siegfried", behind which a former employee of the GDR state security might have hid. This theory does not seem completely absurd, because Richard Helm's father was German and an internationally recognized Wagner expert who died in 1985 in the Stasi prison. Is the murder of Prof. Cole a political murder? A late act of revenge perhaps?

Richards mother Waltraud, also called Valli, has lived in Oxford since the death of her husband. With her Lewis, himself anything but a Wagner expert, not only finds clues as to how the strange notes of Prof. Coles on Wagner, Siegfried, Votan and Vatermord could be interpreted, but Lewis is also pleased to learn that Valli and he had a mutual acquaintance, namely the legendary Chief Inspector Morse. But there's someone else who's interested in Siegfried. Shortly after the student Milo Hardy, who worked with Prof. Cole during the last days of communism, returns from Berlin, where he apparently saw old Stasi files, he dies under mysterious circumstances. Did he solve the secret of Siegfried and did this cost him his life?

While Hathaway follows in Milo's footsteps to Berlin to search the Stasi archives for the name of the person behind "Siegfried," charming and attractive Anne Kriel, who together with her unloved husband belongs to the Portobello Club, tries hard to win the favor of Inspector Lewis, who doesn't seem to be completely averse to her attempts at flirting.

Before Inspector Lewis and Hathaway can file this case, they realize that the murder of Prof. Cole and the death of his student Milo Hardy are both related to the mysterious "Siegfried", but in a different way than the initial appearance suggested. Not to rule out that this case will result in a third death. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 2: The Kiss of the Moon

While Inspector Lewis and his colleague Hathaway feel somewhat misplaced at the nightly birthday party of forensic scientist Dr. Hobson, they are called to a break-in into the nearby home of literature lecturer Prof. Stringer. But it seems to be a blind alarm. At least there's no trace of the intruder. And apparently nothing was stolen either.

Then two murders happened in contemplative Oxford, one after the other, which at first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other and which will demand a great deal from the two inspectors' talent for combination.

The game-addicted maintenance technician Reg Chapman, who works in a famous Oxford library, is shot dead at close range in the same magazine.

Little later art student Nell Buckley is found beaten to death on a river bank. In Oxford, Bell Buckley was known for leading tourists through the city in a very imaginative way and for discovering places of interest even where there had been none up to that point. Inspector Lewis knew Nell from some of her legendary tours. All the more saddened he is now to have to investigate the murder of her.

Nell lived in a clique of young, art-loving students who were enthusiastic about the poets of English Romanticism, especially Shelley and his wife Mary, the author of the famous "Frankenstein". Nell's clique includes her autistic friend Philip, a highly gifted painter and graphic artist. Neither Inspector Lewis nor Hathaway would trust the shy man to commit murder. Especially not two. However, there is evidence to suggest that both crimes were committed by the same perpetrator. And maybe Philip would have a motive after all. With great empathy Hathaway tries to win Philips' trust and to orient himself in his world. Maybe the young man knows more than he seems to? And what about his roommates?

In their searches, Lewis and Hathaway come across the possible link between the two murders. Maintenance technician Chapman had access to valuable volumes of the library. Some of them can be found in his apartment.

Could it be that he deliberately stole old books from the Romantic period and cut out the empty endpapers? These in turn were then used by someone else to forge manuscripts. It would be possible for Philip, without knowing what he was doing, to produce supposedly historical manuscripts by Shelley and others that would be worth a fortune in the autograph market. But who commissioned these manuscripts? And why would he kill those who guaranteed him high revenues? The two investigators expect information from the arrogant literature lecturer Stringer of all people, whose acquaintances Lewis and Hathaway have already made in other contexts. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 3: Who plays with fire

Criminal Inspector Robert Lewis and his assistant James Hathaway are called to Saint Mark's Church in Oxford. They have the unpleasant task of solving the suicide of the young homosexual Will McEwan, who shot himself in front of the priest Francis King. Lewis McEwan's membership in the ecclesiastical group 'The Garden' and his enigmatic farewell note, which suggests a religious motive for suicide, appear to be peculiar. First lead leads to Will McEwan's friend Feardorcha Phelan. But repeated attempts to locate him fail. In general, the investigations in this case are extremely difficult. Since the suicide of Will McEwan, Sergeant Hathaway has appeared deeply dismayed and withdrawn, and Inspector Lewis can only laboriously elicit from his young assistant that this Will McEwan knew from his student days. However, as Hathaway's data remains vague, Lewis increasingly gains the impression that his colleague is concealing important details from him. What does Hathaway know? Were he and Will a couple back then? If the policeman even covers a crime?

Before Inspector Lewis can deal with these questions in more detail, the case takes a surprising turn with the brutal murder of Reverend King. At the scene of the crime, investigators find the sentence written in blood: "Life born of fire." At first it remains unclear whether there is a connection to the suicide or whether the priest became victim of a religious fanatic. What is certain is that King knew the young Will McEwan better than he had mentioned in a conversation with Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway. Like McEwan, King was also part of the ominous association "The Garden". The investigation now focuses on the remaining members of the religious group. In particular Lady Hugh, the dean of Mayfield College and declared a mortal enemy of the homosexual scene in Oxford, is suspected of being involved in the murders.

The investigation is in full swing, and Feardorcha Phelan, who is now also suspect due to a DNA comparison, is still wanted. Lewis and Hathaway get support from the mysterious Zoe Kenneth. Kenneth was Will McEwan's girlfriend a long time ago, but her relationship broke due to Will's homosexuality and his membership in the religious circle. Does she know where Feardorcha Phelan is? Is he perhaps wrongly suspected? While Lewis and Hathaway are still trying to solve the case, more murders happen. All under the sign of "fire". What began with a suicide increasingly turns out to be the cruel game of a serial killer - and James Hathaway is involved. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 4: Murder in best company

16-year-old Beatrice Donnely shows up early in the morning neglected and psychologically absent in an Oxford hospital. Investigations show The teenager was drugged and raped. Detective Inspector Lewis accidentally hears about the young girl's fate when he is admitted to the emergency room with severe back pain after a lost squash match against Hathaway. Without hesitation, the two of them take over the investigation. Based on DNA traces of a rare drug at the scene of the crime, they can quickly spot a suspect: Oswald Cooper, a college pedagogic assistant and a computer expert with an addiction to the law. But Cooper has an alibi. He gave a dinner at the time of the crime, attended by prominent men of the Oxford Society. Among them are the city planner and contractor Lord Adebayou, the diplomat Ashton and the military historian and radio presenter Gavin Matthews.

Lewis and Hathaway agree that the link between the insignificant Cooper and the three gentlemen of better society is more than unusual, if not even unlikely. The two investigators suspect Cooper's alibi is shaky. However, they cannot prove their acceptance. While the search for Beatrice Donnelly's rapist is in full swing, the case takes an unexpected turn with the murder of Oswald Cooper. The prime suspect was castrated and brutally murdered. The police then arrest Kieran Donnelly, Beatrice's father. He confesses to murdering and emasculating Cooper in the heat of the moment. A short time later, however, the shady occasional waiter Sporetti, who also knew the noble gentlemen Adebayou, Ashton and Matthews, dies in a similar way, Inspector Lewis begins to doubt Kieran Donnelly's guilt. What have the three fine gentlemen got to hide? Is one of them the murderer?

All the leads go nowhere until Inspector Lewis discovers that not everything in Oswald Cooper's life was as it seemed. The computer expert had a lot to hide. And he left Inspector Lewis a mysterious message. Supposedly Cooper knew more about the never solved accidental death of Lewis' wife ... (Text: ZDF)

season 3

DVD 1: Von Musen und Morden

At the invitation of her old student friend Ginny Harris, Superintendent Innocent visits the book presentation of the successful fantasy author Dorian Crane together with the only moderately enthusiastic Inspector Lewis. Crane is Ginny Harris's foster son and an aspiring young writer. The following day, the young waitress Marina Hartner is found dead near the venue. The perpetrator hit the young woman's head with an antique mirror and fatally injured her with the broken glass. Since the press is eagerly throwing itself at the case, Superintendent Innocent Inspector Lewis and his colleague Hathaway urge the case to be cleared up quickly.

A first lead leads to the prominent literary scholar Hamid Jassim, who reported the Spiegel as missing. His colleague Norman Deering is also targeted by the investigators, as he seems to have known the young woman. Also suspicious is the writer Dorian Crane, whose most recent work shows astonishing parallels to the murder case. In the course of their investigations Lewis and Hathaway find out that the victim was not Marina Hartner but Sabira Omerovic and came from Bosnia. Professor Deering had "ordered" Sabira via a dating agency to England. But the young woman had ended the relationship and started an affair with Deering's brother-in-law, Dr. Jem Wishart. Crane, Deering, Wishart - all three of them are potential offenders. And Wishart's son Hayden, a quiet teenager who secretly adored Sabira and behaved more than strange, is also suspicious. It is clear to the investigators that they are dealing with a jealousy drama.

But when Dorian Crane is also murdered, the case takes on a new dimension. Crane's fiancée, Alice Wishart, is suddenly under suspicion. Especially because, despite the dramatic loss, she seems astonishingly calm. Did she kill Dorian and Sabira because she thought they were having an affair? Step by step Lewis and Hathaway get closer to the surprising solution of the case. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 2: Mörder in eigener Regie

The Student Theatre Troupe of Oxford University performs the Shakespeare classic "The Merchant of Venice" under the direction of the young and promising director Emma Golding. But the preview ends abruptly when behind the scenes the actor of Shylock, Richard Scott, is found dead with a knife in his chest. During their investigation, Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway learn that the murdered man was anything but popular with his fellow students. An insight that, in addition to the members of the ambitious and jealous acting ensemble, also makes Scott's roommates suspicious. The young man lived subleased to Professor Gregson, who maintains an unusually close relationship with her students, as Lewis and Hathaway soon notice.

Despite the sad circumstances, Emma Golding, who is intent on her career, decides to perform the play as planned. The applause has not long ebbed away, there is a second murder. This time it's the theatre critic Amanda Costello, a former student and confidante of the ensemble. In the eyes of the investigators, the ex-student Phil Beaumont is particularly suspicious. In addition to various temporary jobs, he works as a playwright and behaves very strangely. Emma Golding is also under suspicion of having committed the two murders out of calculation. Lewis and Hathaway still have an exciting piece of criminalistic work ahead of them until they convict the sophisticated murderer and discover his motive.

In the course of the investigation, the dilettantish cheater and petty criminal Simon Monkford also happens to go online with the police. Sergeant Hathaway can prove to him beyond a shadow of a doubt on the basis of circumstantial evidence that he was the one who ran over his boss's wife years ago and then committed a hit and run.

Hathaway must decide whether and, if so, how he should confront Inspector Lewis with this sensitive information, which could finally give him clarity about the circumstances of his wife's death. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 3: A question of perspective

Shortly after Steve Mullan has served a prison sentence for drunk driving, he is found dead in his apartment - drowned in his own bath tub. Inspector Lewis remembers that Mullan, in religious fanaticism, drove a truck onto Professor Tom Rattenbury's car. As a convinced atheist he had repeatedly turned against the church and still today he is engaged in public debates with his colleague, the art historian Manfred Canter, on questions of faith. In the accident Mullan did not injure Professor Rattenbury, but his daughter Jessica, who was driving the car. Since then, the young woman has been in a wheelchair.

Since it is suspected that Steve Mullan has fallen victim to an act of family revenge, Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway concentrate their investigations on the Rattenbury family and their social environment. Professor Rattenbury, his wife Cecile and their son Daniel are under suspicion. The fact that he has a relationship with the daughter of the American Secretary of Defense, Hope Ransome, makes the case particularly sensitive. In the course of their investigation Lewis and Hathaway find out that the murder victim wasn't Mullan at all, but his roommate Alex Hadley. The two friends had swapped identities to protect Mullan after his release and to help him lead a normal life. Plagued by feelings of guilt, Mullan asks the police to help solve the murder. A request that will be his undoing a little later. At Jessica Rattenbury's opulent birthday party, Mullan, who sneaked in secret, is murdered. Shortly afterwards, Jessica's father Tom Rattenbury confesses the crime and commits suicide.

The two murder cases seem solved. Only Inspector Lewis doesn't want to settle for that. His instincts tell him something's wrong. And, as it turns out, he'll be right. (Text: ZDF)

DVD 4: A Last Blues

On a Sunday afternoon, Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway are assigned to mediate in a case of noise nuisance. Lewis isn't very enthusiastic at first about sacrificing his day off for such banalities, but his mind changes quickly when he learns who the routine visit leads him to. None other than the former drummer and star of the rock group "The Addiction", Richie Maguire, disturbs the rural Sunday rest of his neighbours with his pigeon hunt. Lewis still knows "The Addiction" from his youth and, unlike his young colleague Hathaway, is a big fan of the band. For him the visit becomes a journey into his own past. When investigators enter the luxurious country estate near Oxford, they can't believe their eyes. In front of them stands the charismatic singer of the group, Esme Ford, who allegedly committed suicide 35 years ago. As it turns out, she had only staged her suicide and withdrawn into anonymity. Now the former front woman wants to reactivate the band and continue the successes of that time. But she encounters different reactions from her band mates.

Lewis is still reminiscing when he and Hathaway are confronted with the death of Lucas Emerton, a teenage resident. The unusual: The young man was obviously run over directly in front of the gate to the Maguire estate. Soon the aged members of the rock band "The Addiction" are suspected. But the death of the boy seems, at least at first glance, to have been an accident, the connection to Maguire pure coincidence. But when Bone, the band's sound engineer, becomes the victim of a murder a little later, Inspector Lewis begins to doubt the innocence of the former stars. But he can't prove anything to them - neither the charismatic drummer Richie Maguire, nor the guitarist Franco or Esme Ford. Bassist Mack, whose brain did not survive the drug addictions of his youth unscathed, also seems innocent. Or is his cluelessness just a fake? Lewis and Hathaway are hoping for support from Vernon Oxe, the band's quick-tempered, rather bizarre manager. But Oxe is in the middle of the preparations for the comeback of the cult group and isn't much help at first.

And as if two deaths weren't enough, Lewis and Hathaway have to deal with the murder of Samantha Wheeler, a music professor at the university who was found strangled in her study. Lewis and Hathaway begin to wonder more and more if and how the three murders are connected. (Text: ZDF)

Picture + sound: The technical implementation of the twelve episodes is generally on a good TV level. Although there are some small weaknesses in the details of the darker scenes, especially in the early episodes, the picture as a whole can convince with a good overall sharpness and a very atmospheric color scheme. In the sound, the very directionally mixed dialogues set the tone, whereby these sound somewhat more harmoniously embedded in the events in the English language version than in the German stereo mix. Altogether there is a deserved "good" for the technical implementation of this Collector`s Box!

Extras: On the fourth DVD, the first season has a detailed look behind the scenes (approx. 43 min.) of the series to offer - but only in the English language version without subtitle options. Fans with a good command of English should definitely take a look here. The box also includes a bonus DVD with the first episode of "Inspector Morse" (approx. 105 min.). Since the series has not been shown on German television and only a few episodes have been dubbed at all, it will now only be released in the original English sound with German subtitles. But already this very successful pilot makes clear that lovers of first-class British crime food should not be deterred by it. Clearly: this appetizer worth seeing makes you want to buy the first season box of "Inspector Morse".

Fazit: What, you don't know "Lewis" yet? But then it's time, because after all, the series will be entering its 8th season in Great Britain in October 2014. The Collector's Box with the first three seasons of the "Inspector Morse" spin-off offers not only the perfect opportunity to get to know one of the most entertaining crime series from the United Kingdom, but also offers a bonus disc with a look at the series in which Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis had his first appearance. If you already own the "Lewis"-DVDs, you should rather use the first "Inspector Morse"-Box right away. If you don't own the series yet and generally appreciate British investigators like Barnaby, Gently and Co., you should definitely take this box. absolutely recommendable]

Quelle: Sebastian Betzold / ZDF (contents)


  • Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD
  • Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD
  • Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD
  • Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD
  • Lewis - The Oxford Crime Collector`s Box 1 - DVD

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