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Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger

USA 2013 - mit Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Ruth Wilson, Tom Wilkinson ...

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Originaltitel:Lone Ranger
Genre:Adventure, Comedy, Action
Regie:Gore Verbinski
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 149 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Never change a winnig team… True to this motto, star producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski and leading actor Johnny Depp have joined forces again after three successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" films to help an American legend to new life: the "Lone Ranger". Since 1933, the masked avenger started as a radio play and has been one of the greatest heroes of American pop culture. Almost 3000 radio play episodes, 221 TV episodes, a cartoon series, numerous novels, comics, films and of course accompanying merchandising made the "Lone Ranger" one of the great American cult figures of the 20th century. After a long period of quiet around John Ried and his faithful companion, the Indian Tonto, the time seemed ripe for a rebirth of the "Lone Ranger". In the USA, however, the hoped-for success failed to materialize.

The entertainment value of the film, however, cannot be to blame. Because it is, apart from some hangers in the middle part, very high. The film begins in 1869, when the peace-loving lawyer John Ried (Armie Hammer) returns to his old homeland after years. The train also contains the imprisoned villain Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner), who is threatened with death by the gallows in Ried's hometown, and the silent Indian Tonto (Johnny Depp). But Cavendish can be freed from his gang and although Tonto saves John's life, he is imprisoned by his brother, the Texas Ranger Dan (James Badge Dale) after the derailment of the train. Together with his deputy-promoted brother and six other Texas Rangers, Dan sets out to recapture Cavendish and bring him to justice. But the Texas Rangers are ambushed and brutally murdered. But with the help of Tonto, who escaped from prison, and the very special horse Silver, John returns from the realm of the dead. After John has resigned himself to the fact that there are things between heaven and earth that he cannot explain and that he has to come to terms with the somewhat peculiar Tonto, there is only one goal for him: he wants to avenge the death of his brother and finally bring Cavendish to his just punishment. The "Lone Ranger" is born…

As in their joint "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, the trio Bruckheimer/Verbinski/Depp presents a mixture of adventure, big action sequences, a little quirky humour and a little fantasy in "Lone Ranger". Some striking things, which made the masked hero so famous, should of course not be missing. Whether the famous "Wilhelm Tell" overture, which has been heard repeatedly on the radio programme, or his legendary reputation "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!", Verbinski also incorporated all this into his new version of the hero story. Nevertheless, it was extremely important to him to stage his own version, which, despite known set pieces, clearly differs from other interpretations of the material. And in fact, he succeeded very well in putting his own signature on the film.

In the rather casual events, the rather dark moments, sometimes a bit weird humor and an opulent look are part of the filmmaker's trademark. The movie is a feast for the eyes, always provides some really good laughs, but is also thrilling and, for younger viewers, maybe even a little bit creepy. Nevertheless, it lacks the magic and charm that make the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies so successful. So there are scenes here and there in which the mixture of humor and drama just doesn't work out. For example, when many Indians were brutally slaughtered in a very intense scene, it's hard to laugh at Tonto and John again two minutes later.

In addition, it's especially noticeable in the middle part that the film is much too long with two and a half hours. Because here the whole thing splashes along too leisurely and can neither distract with the good actors, nor with the great optics from the fact that the story has been inflated with too many trivialities. The completely unnecessary frame story, in which an old Tonto tells his story to a little boy, or the plot strand around the Red Harrington played by Helena Bonham Carter could have been cut without further ado, without it having a negative effect on the story. The more action-packed moments in particular make it clear how good the film would have been if it had been staged more tightly.

For the action is perfect and the timing is perfect and the film can unfold a tremendous amount of fun and entertainment potential.  The interplay of music, special effects, camera, editing, combat choreography and comedy makes for an extremely good mood, which one would have wished for in this form not only in almost half of the film. At least the reliable Johnny Depp, the convincing Armie Hammer and a wonderfully nasty William Fichtner make sure that even the weaker moments are still far from being really bad.

"Lone Ranger" is a good adventure movie, a well-done western comedy with great set, good actors and some really great effects. Yet, despite all these positive aspects, it's also a much too long, dramaturgically somewhat unbalanced movie with unnecessary hangs, which threatens to fail because it simply wants to offer the audience too much of the good. Not a big hit, an opulent popcorn adventure with some great highlights is this ride through the Wild West. Absolutely worth seeing, with small concessions!

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