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Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

USA 2013 - mit Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana, Ben Foster, Ali Suliman ...

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Originaltitel:Lone Survivor
Genre:War Movie, Action
Regie:Peter Berg
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 122 min.
FSK:From 16 years
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June 2005: It was supposed to be just a rather harmless routine job to which a four-man Navy SEALS team in Afghanistan was sent to the mountains of Kunar province. Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Second Class Petty Officer Matthew Axelson (Ben Foster) and radio operator Danny P. Dietz, Jr. (Emile Hirsch) are to verify the whereabouts of a high-ranking Talbian leader. At first, everything is going according to plan. But as the team arbitrarily changes position for a better view, it triggers events that lead to a bloody catastrophe. Because in their new hiding place they are discovered by three goatherds. A heated discussion breaks out in the team about how to deal with the involuntary witnesses. But soon this question will be the smallest problem for the Navy SEALS. Suddenly they find themselves surrounded by a superior Taliban force in the impassable area, and although they can eliminate numerous enemies, the enemy is still clearly superior to them. And so a desperate fight for survival begins for the men - a fight in which there will be only one "Lone Survivor"…

"Lone Survivor" is based on the experiences of Marcus Luttrell, who the events of the deadly mission in his book "Lone Survivor: SEAL-Team 10 Einsatz in Afghanistan. The authentic report of the only survivor of Operation Red Wings. Even during the shooting of his superhero hit "Hancock" it was clear to director Peter Berg that he wanted to film this book. Berg, who already in "Operation: Kingdom" tried to trace the war events in the Middle East as excitingly and authentically as possible with the means of the modern action thriller, is obviously anxious to do justice to the sacrifice made by the team mates of Luttrell, without too much effort to the typical black-and-white painting of good and evil. Surely the enemy images are very clearly drawn. Nevertheless, Berg tries to avoid a generalization and to concentrate on the human aspects of the story.

With regard to the SEAL team, he wants to achieve this by showing them before their deployment in exuberant conversations about their families or in casual pastimes, after emphasizing the importance of comradeship within the Navy SEALS in a documentary opening credits. It is an ideal, but it only really gains meaning when the men face death in the hopeless battle against the overpowering Taliban. The battles between the small unit and the Taliban fighters are ruthlessly realistic and make the horror of the war tangible in some moments. The fact that the whole thing in these scenes doesn't degenerate into a senseless action bombshell with overstyled hero characters is to be highly credited to Berg.

However, he doesn't quite manage to do without typical war movie clichés and wooden hammer pathos. Although the latter in particular keeps within tolerable limits, the heroism of the US soldiers and American patriotism are clearly in the foreground here, despite some critical words. Berg makes it very clear that there are not only the evil Taliban in Afghanistan, but also people like Gulab (Ali Suliman), who rebelled against the Taliban and risked his life as well as that of his family to protect Luttrell. He makes it clear that not only the SEALS are real heroes, but also the courageous inhabitants of the Pashtun village. Nevertheless, at the end there remains the feeling that "Lone Survivor" is first and foremost a typical American hero story.

However, pure war propaganda, which some critics want to see in the film, hasn't become this cinematic treatment of the bloody deployment. Peter Berg has staged a thrilling and stirring war-thriller, that strives for authenticity and only at the end reveals the pathos that was effectively avoided until then, but which only leaves a slight negative aftertaste behind. If you've already appreciated Berg's "Operation: Kingdom" and understand the movie as an anti-war movie despite the endless and very bloody fights, then "Lone Survivor" is definitely worth watching!

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