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Loneliness and Sex and Compassion

Loneliness and Sex and Compassion

Deutschland 2017 - mit Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Friederike Kempter, Rainer Bock, Maria Hofstätter ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Drama, Tragicomedy
Regie:Lars Montag
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 119 Min
FSK:From 16 years
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A teacher (Bernhard Schütz) who lost his job after accusations of a girl. A lonely family man (Rainer Bock) who would so like to have a friend. An artist (Katja Bürkle) who wants to meet her loneliness with the help of a dating portal. A doctor (Eva Löbau) who takes what she wants - especially from the guy from the escort service. A strictly religious boy (Aaron Hilmer) who despairs that he seems to love a girl more than Jesus. Or a policeman (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) who sees himself as a real guy and who sees himself confirmed everywhere in his everyday life in his prejudices against migrants. They all belong to the group of people who are connected in a wild web of relationships and dependencies. Whether in her loneliness, during sex or through pity…

"loneliness and sex and pity" is a really special film. Especially because he manages to address very important topics in an unusual way. And also because he manages to evoke completely different emotional states in the viewer. The brilliantly written word joke, interspersed with evil cynicism, always provides really good laughs that get stuck in your throat only a short time later. Rarely have you had such a good time and felt so depressed at the same time. Director and co-author Lars Montag, together with Helmut Krausser, the author of the novel, has managed to filter out the essence of the very complex book and to transfer the cleverly interwoven mesh of the sometimes more and sometimes less obvious relationships between the characters to the screen.

This is not only very well achieved by the jointly written script. The very well chosen cast, as well as the mixture of fascinating visual language and music make sure that the film gets under the viewer's skin and leaves a lasting impression. On many levels, the whole is an excellently observed image of our society, which seems to be a little overstyled and exaggerated. But on closer inspection, the not always comfortable truths lie especially in the exaggerated moments, which are almost unmasked in a playful, but also extremely intense way.

The film is certainly not easy and not every viewer will be able to get involved. But if you find access to the very special sound that is posted here, you get a real highlight of German cinema. Wonderfully enigmatic, yet often incredibly funny dialogues, deep black and politically incorrect humour, coupled with a painfully true-to-life tristesse - these are the ingredients that so clearly set this ensemble piece apart from the masses. A feather-light and lead-heavy movie at the same time, which alone deserves a clear conclusion because of its technical finesse: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
  • Loneliness and Sex and Compassion
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