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September 2020
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Deutschland 2018 - mit Katja Riemann, Oliver Masucci, Samuel Finzi, Lize Feryn ...

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Regie:Oskar Roehler
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 110 Min
FSK:From 16 years
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Actually, the plastic surgeon Claus (Oliver Masucci) and his wife, the garden architect Evi (Katja Riemann), were only looking for a new domestic help for their chic villa. The fact that Claus, slightly drunk, places an ad with the headline "Slave wanted" initially has the consequence that all sorts of interested people in lacquer and leather are standing in front of the couple's door. But one of them actually seems to have taken the ad seriously. The attentive, educated and well-groomed Bartos (Samuel Finzi) would like to serve Claus and Evi as his masters. At first it is extremely unpleasant for both of them to be served from front to back. But Bartos enriches her life immensely. When he also brings in his wife Lana (Lize Feryn) as support, the villa turns into paradise on earth - just too beautiful to be true… &nbspsp;

Oskar Roehler ("Elementarteilchen", "Agnes and his brothers") is a filmmaker who likes to polarize. His films are sometimes a bit special, which can also be said about the bitter satire "HERRliche Zeiten". The movie goes some ways, in which some viewers will get their laughter stuck in their throats, especially when the humor comes around the corner a bit more hidden. But in the end you have to attest Roehler that he did one thing in any case: he tells his story very consistently to the end. And there you can forgive the movie for some weaker or even flatter, exaggerated moments.

Slick Roehler lets his characters succumb to the temptations of luxury life and in return accept the exploitation and humiliation of other people. The moral doubts that may arise for the protagonists are wiped away in a way that on the one hand seems a bit manipulative, but on the other hand is quite understandable. You also catch yourself as a spectator envying Claus and Evi for a "slave" like Bartos and at some point you inevitably ask yourself: What would I be willing to do for such a life?

The limits of good taste are deliberately exceeded, especially in one moment. What this leads to is surprisingly consistently implemented and leads to a bitterly bad ending, in which the viewer doesn't know if he should laugh or if it shakes him with moral horror. With an enigmatic staging and a consciously striking play of the very good actors, "HERRliche Zeiten" leaves behind a somewhat unpleasant feeling - but also a very positive overall impression. And that's clearly one thing: Absolutely worth seeing!

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