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Love & Engineering

Love & Engineering

Deutschland/Finnland/Bulgarien 2014

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Originaltitel:Love & Engineering
Regie:Tonislav Hristov
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Finnland/Bulgarien 2014
Laufzeit:Approx. 84 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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In a time when there is a suitable device for everything and the right app for every need, there must also be a formula for how to conquer a woman. The computer freak Atanas is at least firmly convinced of this. For him it is clear that you only have to overcome a firewall to get to a woman's heart and that you can hack her emotions to win her over. After all, every day women would hack men's brains with push-up bras, miniskirts or eyeliners - it has to work the other way round. With the single nerds Todor, Tuomas, Marcus and Andon as guinea pigs, Atanas wants to prove that his "formula of love" works. From the first flirt to the right body odor to the first kiss - all this can be perfectly planned. But can real feelings really be calculated that easily?

The documentary "Love & Engineering" pursues this question in an entertaining way. Even if the viewer is inclined to say from the outset that feelings cannot be reduced to simple formulas, it is fun to watch Atanas and his subjects try to outwit their shyness and inexperience with scientific logic. Scenes like the Blind Dates, in which the wired single men, despite their direct connection to Atanas, reveal all their weaknesses in dealing with women, give the film its documentary closeness to life despite some obviously made moments. In these moments, the nerds, shaken by a longing for love, grow really close to your heart and you wish them success with their experiment. Maybe Atanas is really right - after all, he has been happily married for two years, although he is also a total computer freak and even stutters.

For two years the field test with the four programmers lasted. There are some small moments of success, but also some setbacks that are not easier to cope with if they can be explained logically. The whole thing is charmingly and humorously implemented. However, the basic idea doesn't support the movie for more than 90 minutes. After about an hour the nice idea is exhausted and some clear lengths emerge. The whole thing takes another interesting turn when the nerds embark on a single cruise and the young men almost get into a real fight. But the strength that the documentary film still shows at the beginning is not reached in these moments either.

The beautiful ending and the message it conveys, however, compensate again a little for the tenacious last third. All in all, "Love & Engineering" is a worthwhile contribution to the topic of loneliness in a completely networked world, about emotional atrophy in a completely mechanized society. It is actually a very serious and sad subject, which Tonislav Hristov treats with refreshing lightness and a winking closeness to life. A little too long, but still quite: worth seeing! ]

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  • Love & Engineering
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  • Love & Engineering
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