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Februar 2020
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Ma - she sees everything

Ma - she sees everything

USA 2019 - mit Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis, Luke Evans, Diana Silvers ...

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Genre:Thriller, Horror
Regie:Tate Taylor
Produktionsland:USA 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 99 min.
FSK:From 16 years
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When Maggie (Diana Silvers) moves with her mother (Juliette Lewis) to her old home kff, she's glad that she quickly gets accepted into the coolest clique of the school and gets the invitation to party with them. Too bad they're all underage and can't get their hands on alcohol. Performance by Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer). The loner is not only persuaded by the teenagers to buy them alcohol. She also invites them to use her basement as a party location - provided the young people follow some clear rules: No swearing, there must always be someone who stays sober to drive the others home and - this is the most important rule - the rest of the house is taboo! For the kids a dream comes true and with Sue Ann, who is called "Ma" by everyone, some life finally comes into the house. But soon the friendly hostess shows herself from a completely different side and the casual celebration turns into a real nightmare… 

With "Ma" director Tate Taylor (The Help, The Girl on the Train) presents a psycho-thriller, which can also be assigned to the horror genre. You wouldn't necessarily have expected that from Taylor, but also from his main actress Octavia Spencer. But both of them are the reason why the movie works well despite a rather conventional script. Connoisseurs of the genre quickly realize that Sue Ann is not the cool ma she pretends to be. Even worse: Their true intentions and the reasons for them can already be seen in the first third of the film. Because everything is revealed here early, the story itself takes the chance to offer some real surprises. 

That of course also has a little effect on the voltage level, which never really wants to get going. And yet: Taylor's production prevents the action from ever getting really boring. And even though he lets his characters act really stupid in one scene, this doesn't carry much negative weight. Taylor makes sure of that with irony interspersed here and there, the creation of a captivating atmosphere and scenes in which he gives his main actress the opportunity to play out her evil side to her heart's content. 

When Sue Ann follows her dark plans with a dark mine, then it's quite cold running down your back. Octavia Spencer plays the woman perfectly between good-heartedness and ice-cold madness. Watching it is simply fun and lets you forget the weaknesses of the script quickly. Yeah, "Ma" may not be a milestone in the genre. And given the talented people who worked on the film in front of and behind the camera, the result may even be a little disappointing. But director and main actress always manage to turn the tide and turn the thriller into a horror movie worth seeing!

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  • Ma - she sees everything
  • Ma - she sees everything
  • Ma - she sees everything
  • Ma - she sees everything
  • Ma - she sees everything
  • Ma - she sees everything
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