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Male Man

Male Man

Deutschland 2015 - mit Christian Ulmen, Aylin Tezel, Axel Stein, Samuel Finzi, Dar Salim ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Romance
Regie:Christof Wahl
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 98 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Daniel (Christian Ulmen)) is stuck in a real dilemma: although he thinks he knows exactly what women really want. But unfortunately he can't come up with exactly those attributes. And so he has come to terms with the fact that as a wimp and a womanizer he is always only a good friend, but not a fiery lover. This changes when he meets the beautiful Aylin (Alyin Tezel) during a club holiday in Turkey and falls head over heels in love with her. And for some reason, this dream girl seems to like him, too. Actually heaven on earth - wouldn't that be Aylin's family, in front of whom Daniel makes himself an absolute full nest at the first meeting? Now he knows that if he wants to keep Aylin, he has to change. He must become a real macho. With the help of Aylin's brother Cem (Dar Salim) he wants to carry out the desired transformation. But what consequences this has for his relationship, Daniel really didn't expect…

With the novel "Macho Man" author, gag writer and comedian Moritz Netenjakob landed a real bestseller. And since comedies that play with common multi-cultural clichés sell well, a film adaptation of the book was only a matter of time. Christian Ulmen has been found as the perfect candidate for the leading role. Since "Maria, ihm schmeckt`s nicht!" at the latest, he has been very familiar with what happens when different cultures meet. Even if he plays a role as a wimp on the way to macho, as you have seen him do (too often), his game still works very well. And also Aylin Tezel, who already saved the very weak comedy "Coming in" from complete triviality with her charm, delivers a very likeable performance again. There is a good chemistry between the two, which at least makes the romantic aspect of the comedy well done and worth seeing.

Some of the jokes at least manage to make the viewer laugh a bit. But unfortunately the film adaptation by the award-winning cameraman and co-director of Til Schweiger ("Zweiohrküken", "Kokowääh") Christof Wahl doesn't have much more to offer. The comedic potential of the book is crushed by an extremely clichéd and too striving staging. For example, the title song, which isn't exactly outstanding in terms of quality, is used in a completely over-inflationary way, so that the audience is completely sick of it after half of the movie at the latest. And also in the cast of the supporting roles the film doesn't show any originality. Nothing against Vedat Erincin, but there must be another actor who can give a traditional Turkish father. Erincin has just played this role in "300 Words of German" and has already been seen in other German-Turkish comedies in similar positions.

The many culture clash gags that are used here in Daniel's first encounter with Aylin's family underscore the lack of imagination that seems to be omnipresent here. Some nice visual gimmicks and the sympathetic main characters are simply not enough to console you about this shortcoming. Despite all good will "Macho Man" can't be called a very good movie. There are hardly any visible own ideas here. Instead, every cliché, no matter how worn out it may be, is tried out, so that the viewer always has the feeling to have seen this movie in a better version before. That's only enough for one: Only for hardcore Christian Ulmen fans just worth seeing!

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