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Mara and the Firebringer

Mara and the Firebringer

Deutschland 2014 - mit Lilian Prent, Jan Josef Liefers, Esther Schweins, Christoph Maria Herbst ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Fantasy, Adventure
Regie:Tommy Krappweis
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 94 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Bad enough that 14-year-old Mara (Lilian Prent) is an absolute outsider at school, who is constantly teased and who also has to deal with the esoteric spleens of her mother (Esther Schweins) at home. To top it all off, the girl is also haunted by disturbing nightmares that not only harass her at night. When Mara learns from a talking branch (spoken by Oliver Kalkofe) that the dreams are visions and that she is a visionary destined to save the world from imminent doom, she can finally say goodbye to a normal teenage life. With the help of the mythology professor Dr. Reinhold Weissinger (Jan Josef Liefers) wants her to solve the secret of her alleged destiny and stumbles into an adventure that spans time and dimensions, in which the girl has to grow far beyond herself in order to face the dangerous fire bringer and save the world...

With "Mara und der Feuerbringer" Tommy Krappweis, former "Samstag Nacht" comedian and co-inventor of "Bernd das Brot", could fulfill a big dream. He was able to film the first volume of his own fantasy trilogy as a director and could not only fall back on a prominent cast of actors but also on high-quality special effects. Just as it should be for a great fantasy adventure. With Billy Boyd even a real Hobbit makes a mini guest appearance. Two connoisseurs and fans of the books who were present at the press screening attested that the film was very close to the original, which is not surprising if author and director are one and the same person. But the passion that Krappweis invested in the project and the closeness to the original book automatically turn "Mara and the Firebringer" into a good film?

The answer is not that easy. Surely one should not judge a fantasy film, which is primarily aimed at teenagers up to the age of 16, according to the same standards that are applied to similar films for a more adult audience. After all, it is a fact that children and adolescents are less disturbed by exaggerated clichés - such as the portrayal of the embarrassing esoteric mother or the nasty school bitch - than by adult viewers. Therefore, it would not be fair to concentrate on such points when criticising them. Surely, the Mara flirting a little too much with her annoyed zero buck on world rescue attitude often seems like the changing cliché of a teenager from an adult's point of view. Lilian's representation of Prent, which has a certain charm, is too weak to counteract this very one-dimensional drawing. But for young girls it still offers a decent surface for identification. For even if not every girl has to hug trees, is constantly made a fool of at school or has to deal with Nordic-Germanic gods, the problems and fears that determine Mara's life are still understandable.

Jan Josef Liefers as an adventurous professor is very well staffed and Esther Schweins also manages to make her figure appear very likeable in spite of the many enormously exhausting qualities in the end. Only Christoph Maria Herbst finds it a little difficult to take this rather serious role away from him - even if he is doing a really good job in a fight scene. While the movie is absolutely solidly realized on an acting level, it is completely convincing on a visual level. The camera work is first class and some of the effects John P. Nuget ("Matrix", "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy") could be won over for are absolutely impressive, especially for a German production. In many moments you can tell how much Tommy Krappweis loves the fantasy genre. Even though "Mara and the Firebringer" is not a masterpiece, at least young viewers, especially girls up to 16 years, and all those who have already loved the books, should enjoy this adventure. And all fans will be wished that the next two parts of the trilogy will make it to the cinemas in similar quality. Worth seeing

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  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
  • Mara and the Firebringer
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