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Max - Agent on four paws

Max - Agent on four paws

USA 2016 - mit Zane Austin, Francesca Capaldi, Lochlyn Munro, Andrew Kavadas ...

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Originaltitel:Max 2 – White House Hero
Genre:Children's Movie
Regie:Brian Levant
Produktionsland:USA 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 85 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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The former military dog Max has a new job: He should support the Secret Service in the White House. Here the shepherd quickly makes friends with the president's son TJ (Zane Austin), who still feels very uncomfortable in his new home. But there is little time for relaxed walks and raving in the long corridors of the White House. When Russian President Bragov (Andrew Kavadas) comes on a state visit, TJ smells a big conspiracy against his father (Lochlyn Munro). Together with Max and Alex (Francesca Capaldi), the daughter of the Russian president, the boy wants to uncover the plot. But this is more difficult and dangerous than we thought…

"Max - Agent auf vier Pfoten" is the sequel to the 2015 movie "Max: Best Friend. Hero. Rescuer", which was at least in the USA a small surprise success. Director Brian Levant was hired for the second part, which was released in the USA directly for home cinema after a very limited release. He had great success in the 1990s with shallow family entertainment. Works such as "A dog named Beethoven", "Promised is promised" or "Flintstones: The Flintstone Family" are taken from Levant's account. And if you look at his latest work, you somehow have the feeling that this film comes from the same era. The music written by Randy Edelman - who also celebrated his greatest successes in the 90s -, the no-name cast and the very child-oriented action make the film look like one of the direct-to-video sequels found in masses in video stores at the time.

All about "Max - Agent on Four Paws" seems extremely antiquated, from humor to the "Family is the Most Important" message to the clichéd villains. One almost has the feeling that Levant took the script for a previously unfilmed "Beethoven" sequel and simply changed the name by Max. No question about it, some twenty years ago the strip would have lured the children into the cinemas in masses. Whether this can succeed in the age of Minions, ice queens or Bibi & Tina is more than questionable.

Since the film has only the name of the dog in common with the first part and the events from the predecessor are not really mentioned, this film cannot even be recommended to the few viewers in Germany, the "Max: Best Friend. Hero. rescuers" and hoped for a continuation. For dog fans between 6 and 11 years the film is the right food for an entertaining home cinema afternoon. But you really don't have to go to the cinema for that. That's why there's only one here: Conditionally worth seeing!

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  • Max - Agent on four paws
  • Max - Agent on four paws
  • Max - Agent on four paws
  • Max - Agent on four paws
  • Max - Agent on four paws
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