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Monsieur Pierre goes online

Monsieur Pierre goes online

Deutschland/Frankreich 2017 - mit Pierre Richard, Yannis Lespert, Fanny Valette, Stéphane Bissot ...

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Originaltitel:Un profil pour deux
Regie:Stéphane Robelin
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Frankreich 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 101 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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Witwer Pierre (Pierre Richard) is a curmudgeon of the worst kind. He barely leaves his apartment and hates every form of change. In order to free him from his grumpy lethargy, his daughter Sylvie (Stéphane Bissot) asks Alex (Yaniss Lespert), her daughter's boyfriend, to bring the infinite vastness of the Internet closer to the old man. The unsuccessful and penniless writer reluctantly agrees, provided that Pierre does not learn that Alex is the friend of his beloved granddaughter. And so, with the help of his young teacher, the pensioner immerses himself in the online world that is completely foreign to him. When he stumbles across a dating portal, he literally blossoms. Here he gets to know the young Flora (Fanny Valette), with whom he exchanges passionate news. When Flora wants to meet the unknown romantic, Pierre Alex makes an immoral offer: he wants to pay him to impersonate the author of the mails and meet Flora. He has no idea what the consequences will be…

After "And if we all move in together?" director Stéphane Robelin has once again won the wonderful Pierre Richard for his latest comedy "Monsieur Pierre geht online". The movie reminds at times of an internet version of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and has some really funny moments to offer. Pierre's first steps on the World Wide Web, for example, are just as funny - also thanks to Pierre Richard's game - as his attempts to eavesdrop on Alex's date with Flora. There are always moments to smile about and some that really make the viewer laugh heartily. Richard and his younger co-star Yaniss Lespert harmonize perfectly together, which also makes for very amusing moments.

Piteously the whole thing runs out of air on the home straight. A very big conflict is built up, which almost disappears into nowhere as you pass by. In addition, in this very quickly dealt final the gags become increasingly flatter, which unfortunately also has a slightly negative effect on the overall impression. After the many really nice moments, Flora's behaviour at the end isn't really comprehensible. Robelin could have used a little more speed on other aspects of the story, all the more to devote more time to solving the carefully constructed conflict more credibly.

Beyond that "Monsieur Pierre geht online" is a really charming and cute movie, which with its wonderful leading actor and some very funny ideas makes for entertaining and extremely entertaining cinema entertainment. Anyone who likes light French comedy food will love Monsieur Pierre and his amorous experiences on the Internet. Worth seeing

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  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
  • Monsieur Pierre goes online
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