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Mullewapp - A beautiful mess

Mullewapp - A beautiful mess

Deutschland 2016 - mit den Stimmen von Axel Prahl, Ralf Schmitz, Michael Kessler, Christian Ulmen ...

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Genre:Children's Movie, Animation
Regie:Tony Loeser und Theresa Strozky
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 79 Min.
FSK:From 0 years
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The "Friends"-books of Helme Heine are everywhere in the world a full success. The lovingly drawn and told stories about Johnny Mauser, Franz von Hahn and Schwein Waldemar inspire millions of readers. Now the friends of the farm "Mullewapp" are storming the big screen for the second time.

In their second feature film Johnny Mauser (Ralf Schmitz), Franz von Hahn (Michael Kessler) and the other animals on the farm have to do everything to keep the hungry pig Waldemar (Axel Prahl) from eating his birthday cake before the big party. As if that wasn't exhausting enough already, the nasty wild boar Horst von Borst also learns that there is a delicious strawberry cake on Mullewapp. With a trick he gains access to the farm and also sows discord between the animals. And while Horst von Borst is getting closer and closer to the cake, the three friends unintentionally go on an adventurous bicycle tour far away from Mullewapp - too far to be home in time for the big party…

The first "Mullewapp" film from 2009 was really a very endearing children's film, which proved that even without the most modern trick technique it is still possible to tell really beautiful stories that captivate their target audience. It was simply beautiful to see that a pleasantly old-fashioned animated film like this, which manages without hectic chases and overloaded effects, was able to arouse such enthusiasm among the young viewers. As "Mullewapp" has turned especially to smaller children, the film could also be fully adjusted to their viewing habits. And the makers have succeeded in doing this absolutely convincingly. The little ones are not beaten to death by loud, fast and gaudy pictures, but are thrilled with a simple, beautiful and lovingly told story.

"Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei" unfortunately no longer follows this example. The lovingly animated animation has given way to a rather sterile computer animation that lacks any form of charm. The figures are much more expressionlessly animated than in the first part. The humor is limited to the usual fart and burp jokes and also the usual 3D games are tried here  until exhaustion. Of course, small children laugh about certain things over and over again. But it's a shame that this is presented rather loveless and so completely unimaginative, especially after the nice first movie at the second attempt. What's even sadder is that the movie also got the rating "especially valuable". Because he really isn't.

Mag be that there are enough children who are now so conditioned that they only watch 3D animated films. And it may also be that the children have fun with the very simple story and its gags. But that doesn't make this second trip to "Mullewapp" a good children's movie. If you want to see one of these, you should rather insert the DVD of the first part into your little one. But for this work there is only a very limited one left: Worth seeing!

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  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
  • Mullewapp - A beautiful mess
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