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Mummy vs. Daddy

Mummy vs. Daddy

Frankreich 2015 - mit Marina Foïs, Laurent Lafitte, Alexandre Desrousseaux, Anna Lemarchand ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Papa ou maman
Regie:Martin Bourboulon
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 85 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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Florence (Marina Foïs) and Vincent (Laurent Lafitte) are actually the perfect couple: they are professionally successful, have three well-behaved children and seem to lead a very harmonious get-together. But the fire of passion between them has simply died out over the years. And so the two of them decided to get a divorce. The separation of property and custody issues should, of course, be clarified in a civilised and consensual manner. But then both get dreamlike job offers, which would make a longer stay abroad necessary. But which of the two should give up their unique chance and take care of the children instead? This question can neither be solved with reason nor with mutual friendliness. And so Florence and Vincent give their best to present themselves as the perfect raven parents, so that the children want to stay with each other. And so a merciless war of roses breaks out, which threatens to assume ever more absurd proportions...

"Mama vs. Papa" begins like a typical French family comedy. Very amusing, a little over-excited and also a little annoying. The actors may seem charming, but their play is a bit exaggerated. And the premise sounds nice, but really not new. After the first two scenes one is inclined to dismiss the movie as just another nice, but also trivial little movie, which can be recommended to viewers with a weakness for harmless entertainment from France. But then this impression changes abruptly. Suddenly, the humor becomes really evil, the story becomes more and more bizarre and the actors' play gets more and more exciting. And that's a lot of fun.

Director Martin Bourboulon says goodbye to political correctness and lets his protagonists become the worst raven parents you can imagine. The mother spices her meal with detergent, the father moves to a small hovel on the railway line, there are embarrassing appearances at parties, a visit to the strip club or a dinner with the mother's supposedly new lover. A real nightmare for the children and a lot of fun for the spectators. He witnesses an ever escalating Rosewar, and even Michael Douglas' and Kathleen Turner's 1989 Rosewar seems like a good quarrel.

Surely, the whole thing is not particularly realistic in the second half of the film. And also the ending is a bit disappointing, as it is much too good and conventional compared to the rest of the movie. But this only marginally reduces the fun factor. For long stretches the density of bad jokes is so high that you can hardly get out of laughing as a spectator - provided, of course, that you can laugh at things where in real life, fortunately, the Youth Welfare Office would intervene immediately. Then this fight for the dream job and thus against custody makes really good mood. Therefore: for all lovers of French comedies of the over-excited, evil kind, the duel of "Mama against Papa" is absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
  • Mummy vs. Daddy
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