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My new best song

My new best song

Frankreich 2017 - mit Audrey Dana, Christian Clavier, Éric Elmosnino, Alice Belaïdi ...

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Originaltitel:Si J`etais un homme
Regie:Audrey Dana
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 99 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Jeanne (Audrey Dana) is sick and tired: with her ex-husband she is constantly clinching and now she has lost sole custody of the two children. Although she is good at her job, she allows herself to be pushed around too much, which is why she is always seen as a scapegoat when mistakes are made. She realizes that as a man, that wouldn't have happened to her. She can soon find out whether this is the case, because one morning she suddenly wakes up with an additional part of her body: a penis! Jeanne is naturally shocked and completely confused, which is exacerbated by uncontrollable hormonal attacks. But when she begins to accept her new best piece, it also brings with it a lot of new self-confidence. At least until she falls in love with her colleague (Éric Elmosnino), who must not learn anything from the little friend between her legs. But how does she get rid of the thing?

Director and leading actress Audrey Dana had already brought not only her film characters, but also the audience to the brink of a nervous breakdown with her directorial debut "French Women". With "My new best play" she's even going for it. The idea has potential for a well-done comedy, which even hides something like a good message behind some rough jokes here and there. But all this is completely lost in hysterical screams, wild gestures and extremely flat gags. Dana has managed to make almost every character in this comedy seem unsympathetic. Only Merlin, played by Éric Elmosnino, has a few moments in the second half of the film when you really like him - even if you can't understand why he is interested in Jeanne.

To be honest, in all the jumble of silliness and annoying chatter there are actually one or two really funny scenes. But of course that is not enough to save this work of art. It's really a pity that an idea that was quite nice at its core was implemented so flatly and even sloppily at the end. Because the finale is not only enormously predictable, but also extremely rushed. Logic? No way! There is not even an attempt to explain what happened to Jeanne.

There is really hardly anything positive that can be said about "My new best play". French comedies often have a lot of charm, wonderfully exaggerated characters and amusing dialogues. Audrey Dana tries to deliver all of this, but misses the target almost every second. The result is simply flat, extremely annoying and unfortunately not funny at all. And there's only one for that: Unfortunately not worth seeing!

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  • My new best song
  • My new best song
  • My new best song
  • My new best song
  • My new best song
  • My new best song
  • My new best song
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