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My One, My All

My One, My All

Frankreich 2015 - mit Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis Garrel, Isild Le Besco ...

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Originaltitel:Mon roi
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 125 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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After a serious skiing accident Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) has to prepare to learn to walk again in a long rehab. The healing process of her knee is painful and gruelling, especially as she, helplessly tied to the wheelchair, is forced to deal with her inner demons. And so she reflects on her ten-year relationship with Georgio (Vincent Cassel), her great love and her son's father. As passionate as her love was, she broke Tony's heart more than once and left deep scars. And so the deer becomes not only physically, but also emotionally an extremely painful affair, at the end of which hopefully there will be a cure…

With the drama "Poliezei" about a group of Paris policemen, the actress and filmmaker Maïhad staged a successful critic and audience favorite. Now with "My One, My Everything" she once again presents an intense drama in which she deals with the destructive power of love. She shows how a passion bordering on addiction turns a lawyer who is firmly rooted in life into an emotional wreck and how she tries to free herself from her obsession by dealing with this relationship. Maïsucceeds very well when she shows how a relationship characterized by happiness and passion turns into a completely broken intoxication of quarrelling, cheating and self-destruction and how hard it is for Tony to break out.

Vincent Cassel plays Georgio as a credible mixture of charmer and - forgive me the clear choice of words - asshole. Like Tony, the viewer is also torn between strong sympathy and extreme antipathy towards this character. One wishes the woman so strong in herself that she finds the strength to free herself from her great love, but one can also understand why she may not succeed so well. The fact that the movie manages this is a great feat that makes it absolutely worth seeing, especially for lovers of sophisticated arthouse food. At the same time, it has to be said that the story, its characters and the sometimes too lengthy staging are very bulky and in parts also extremely exhausting.

Like when Tony gets a little freaked out at a small party with Georgios friends under the influence of too much alcohol or when the two of them throw the worst nasty things at each other on the street, then you notice what kind of broken characters act on the screen here. And watching Tony get more and more unstable through the constant arguments, affairs and lies and seem to lose more and more control over her life is really not a pleasure, but an emotional challenge and sometimes also an enormous test of patience. If you can and want to get involved, you get a very intense relationship drama with very good actors. For all the others, this roller coaster ride of over two hours in length of feelings could pull too much at the nerves. And then "my one, my everything" can definitely become an ordeal for which one does not necessarily have to pay as well. Therefore: Only for viewers who appreciate realistic, difficult relationship dramas and intensive French acting cinema absolutely worth seeing!

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