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My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn

My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn

Deutschland 2017 - mit Christian Bruhn, Katja Ebstein, Harold Faltermeyer, Erika Bruhn, Curt Cress ...

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Regie:Marie Reich
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 83 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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What do Heidi, Roberto Blanco, Captain Future, Katja Ebstein and Wicki have in common? They were all musically immortalized by one man. We are talking about Christian Bruhn, the composer of numerous Schlager-Evergreens as well as film and television melodies. Marie Reich has now set a cinematic monument to the man who composed such diverse pieces as "Marble, Stone and Iron Breaks", "Miracles Come Again and Again", "Heidi" and the cult soundtrack for the cartoon series "Captain Future". The documentary film "My World is Music" looks back on an eventful life and takes a closer look at some of Bruhn's central works.

The discussion is not restricted to companions such as his ex-wives Katja Ebstein or Erika Bruhn (Gitti & Erika, Lady Lily) or colleagues such as Ralph Siegel and Harold Faltermeyer, but also includes the master himself. He opens his private archive for the film and lets the audience participate in his life and work in pleasantly open interviews. For me, who grew up with the cartoon series and Christmas multi-part shows for which Bruhn wrote the music, the film is of course also a nostalgic trip through childhood and youth. But this wonderful documentation is much more than that.

It provides an exciting insight into the work of an artist who has perfected the "art of simplicity" over many decades and has thus left a lasting mark on the German music and television landscape. In contrast to many colleagues like Ralph Siegel or Dieter Bohlen in the more recent past, Christian Bruhn has hardly ever placed himself in the foreground as a person. Very few people would recognize him on the street - but everyone knows his music! And despite this success, Bruhn has always stayed on the ground, as this documentary shows beautifully. Sure, there were women's stories and wild parties. But first and foremost there was and is one thing for Bruhn: the music!

"My world is music" is a great music documentary, a piece of cultural contemporary history and the stirring portrait of a really interesting artist, about whom so far not so much is known. For this film there is therefore also quite clearly one: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn
  • My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn
  • My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn
  • My world is music - The composer Christian Bruhn
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