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Network chaos

Network chaos

USA 2018 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Anna Fischer, Dennis Werth, Ralph Ruthe ...

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Originaltitel:Ralph breaks the Internet
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Children's Movie
Regie:Phil Johnston, Rich Moore
Produktionsland:USA 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 112 min.
FSK:6 years and older
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Ralph is back! He and his new best friend Vanellope enjoy spending the days in their video games in the arcade of old Mr. Litwak and then meeting with other video game characters as soon as the arcade is closed. But Vanellope wants a little variety in her game "Sugar Rush" - a wish that Ralph is only too happy to fulfill. But as good as the coarse video hero thinks, his action has far-reaching consequences: The steering wheel of the game is broken and cannot be replaced. Now "Sugar Rush" and Vanellope threaten to disappear forever. It is they who succeed in finding a replacement. Ebay offers such a steering wheel, but to get there, Ralph and Vanellope have to venture into the depths of the Internet. The action not only quickly becomes a dangerous adventure, but also an unexpected test of the friendship between the two…

"Chaos on the Net" is the sequel to Disney's hit "Ralph reicht". For Disney it is the first cinema sequel since "Fantasia 2000", because the studio usually releases cheaper produced sequels of his hits directly for the home cinema market. But not Ralph and his video game friends. Not only can they compete a second time, they can also conquer the Internet. Of course, this offered the makers a lot of opportunities to let off steam creatively. The game with well-known Internet brands makes for some good laughs, although the visit to Ebay was especially funny. Also the way, how you make fun of it, how you can become famous and rich on the net, is clever and funny at the same time.

Special success is "Chaos on the Net" when Disney is allowed to show his self-ironic side. When Vanellope hangs out with the Disney princesses, for example, or the friends have to flee from the STAR WARS storm troopers, it's not only amusing, but also pleasingly subversive. And so, especially in the first hour, the movie manages to be even better, more clever and more imaginative than its predecessor. But unfortunately it doesn't stay that way.

Because for the last act the makers had the great idea to let Ralph dive into Darknet. Of course, this has consequences that are not only a bit too scary for the little audience, but also lack any kind of charm. The finale is just chaotic, exaggerated and much too gloomy - fitting to the title. It's a pity, because after the successful prelude and the really original way in which the internet is shown here as a world of its own, the animated film seems a bit uninspired during the last twenty minutes and also visually boring due to the rampant action.

So "Chaos im Netz" is a sequel, which at the same time is better, but also worse than its predecessor. It's a trick. Not suitable for children under 6 years. But then the fun for fans of part 1 is still absolutely worth seeing if they manage to hide the last act. But luckily there are enough successful moments, wonderful ideas and good laughs to comfort you!

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  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
  • Network chaos
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