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Not my day

Not my day

Deutschland 2014 - mit Moritz Bleibtreu, Axel Stein, Jasmin Gerat, Anna Maria Mühe, Nele Kiper, Ben Ruedinger ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Peter Thorwarth
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 115 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Till (Axel Stein) used to be a real party lion. But the times are long gone. Now he is a bland bank clerk dreaming of his sexy colleague, while at home his wife Miriam (Anna Maria Mühe) and their son Niko are waiting for him. But Till doesn't really like to go to his simple single-family home in the evening. Since Miriam wants to realize herself with her own bag collection, there are always quarrels between the couple. There hasn't been harmony or even sex for far too long. It's a rather dreary, boring life, from which Till is torn out unintentionally at one time or another. One day, when the small criminal Nappo (Moritz Bleibtreu) robs Tills Bank, the frustrated father of the family is taken hostage. But that's not all, he gets entangled in a chain of chaotic events that lead to his sudden involvement in an illegal deal as Nappo's partner. This really isn't Bill's day…

Eight years after the end of his "Unna trilogy", which began in 1999 with the cult film "Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding", director Peter Thorwarth finally returns to the cinemas with a new film and back to the Ruhr area. Actually, he didn't want to shoot another Ruhrpott-Komödie in order to prove that he can also convince in other genres. But the original novel for "Nicht mein Tag" by "Stromberg" author Ralf Husemann was simply too good to leave to another director - especially since Thorwarth's humour has a very similar tone to that of Husemann. And so it has now become a comedy with a reference to the Ruhr Valley - and that's a good thing. Because "Nicht mein Tag" has become damn funny.

Many German comedies, which came into the cinemas in the last years, orientated themselves very much at the recipe for success, which Til Schweiger kicked off with "Keinohrhasen". As amusing as some of these films may have been, the comedy landscape is really not very varied at the moment, with a few exceptions. Thorwarth's disrespectful and less lacquered style is a really refreshing change. Not every gag ignites and sometimes the chaos even goes a little beyond the target. Nevertheless, the road movie comedy works really well overall. That's not only because of the funny script, the sometimes darker humor, but also because of the good chemistry between the two main actors Axel Stein and Moritz Bleibtreu. It's a lot of fun to watch how Bleibtreu, as a small thug with a wonderfully politically incorrect mouth of shame, and Axel Stein, as a biederman par excellence, deliver themselves up in beautiful weird word battles and slowly mutate into a perfect pair of two.

The two are supported by a deliciously exaggerated acting Jasmin Gerat and Anna Maria Mühe, who at first doesn't have the most sympathetic role to play, but in the end is still allowed to run to top form. Some nice short gigs, among them an incredibly funny scene with Milan Peschel and an old friend from "Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding" and "Goldene Zeiten", a fitting soundtrack and some small allusions to the "Unna"-trilogy or Axel Stein's "Hausmeister Krause" past, intensify the positive overall impression even more.

May be that the humor of the film is not always on the upper level curve or is characterized by profound cleverness. But the weird characters, the rough comic dialogues, the fast-paced staging and the many small details Thorwarth has incorporated into the story make "Nicht mein Tag" an entertaining fun film and the best German buddy comedy in a long time. And for that there is more than earned: Absolutely worth seeing!

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