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Nowitzki - The perfect throw

Nowitzki - The perfect throw

Deutschland 2014 - mit Dirk Nowitzki, Holger Geschwindner, Kobe Bryant, Helga Nowitzki, Jörg Nowitzki ...

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Regie:Sebastian Dehnhardt
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2014
Laufzeit:Approx. 106 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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When Holger Geschwindner, former five-time German champion in basketball, discovers an extremely talented 16-year-old boy during a game of a youth team from Würzburg and offers him after the game to take care of his career from now on, the two of them have no idea that this would be the beginning of a unique success story. Today, the two-meter boy of the past is one of the most successful and best players of the American NBA, a hero for countless fans of all ages, an idol for young talent and one of the most popular players in international sport. His name: Dirk Nowitzki. Despite all his successes, the Würzburg boy has remained very modest and doesn't really like to be the centre of attention. So at first he wasn't so enthusiastic about the idea of a documentary about his career and his life. He would only throw a ball into a basket quite well, that's nothing special. Sebastian Dehnhardt, director of the acclaimed "Klitschko" documentary, saw things quite differently. And luckily he managed to convince Nowitzki of his intention, because "Nowitzki - Der perfekte Wurf" has become an excellent and extremely entertaining documentary in terms of both content and craftsmanship.

With countless archive recordings that show Dirk Nowitzki from his beginnings in school to his greatest triumph, winning the NBA Championship in 2011, Dehnhardt traces the rise of the likeable basketball player from the southern German province to the top of the basketball world. The focus is not only on Nowitzki himself, but also on his very special relationship to his mentor and trainer Holger Geschwindner, through whom the 2.13m man learned discipline, traction and of course the perfect throw. The film also clearly benefits from the fact that Geschwindner is a real original, which viewers like to listen to.

Sebastian Dehnhardt knows very well how to get the best out of his interview partners. But he also knows how to present the interviews so that they don't seem too dry and the viewer is always entertained. So the right archive recordings, the right soundtrack and the editing are important elements that make "Nowitzki - The Perfect Throw" work so well. Extremely stirring shots of Dallas Mavericks games alternate with old family videos, humorous and self-ironic moments stand next to rather serious, thoughtful statements. The result is an extremely varied overall picture that ensures that this documentary is not just a second boring.

Whether he has a long list of amusing nicknames on Conan O'Brien's Late Night Show, US President Obama says he's a great player but a lousy singer, whether he talks about personal and professional defeats or is celebrated by the crowd, Dirk Nowitzki always makes a very honest, down-to-earth and likeable impression. He's an athlete whose performance you have enormous respect for after this film at the latest, but who also enjoys his great success from the bottom of his heart. A success, which one wishes also to this film, since Sebastian Dehnhardt has not only staged a one-dimensional hymn of praise for a top athlete, but a really entertaining, exciting and versatile documentary. And so it's not just for basketball and Nowitzki fans: you shouldn't miss this great sports documentary! Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
  • Nowitzki - The perfect throw
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