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Out and about

Out and about

Deutschland 2014 - mit Florian David Fitz, Julia Koschitz, Jürgen Vogel, Miriam Stein, Volker Bruch ...

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Genre:Drama, Tragicomedy
Regie:Christian Zübert
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 95 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Every year the friends Hannes (Florian David Fitz), his wife Kiki (Julia Koschitz), Michael (Jürgen Vogel), Dominik (Johannes Allmayer) and his wife Mareike (Victoria Mayer) meet for a bicycle tour in summer. This year Hannes and Kiki have chosen the target. From Frankfurt it should go to Belgium. And also Hannes brother Finn (Volker Bruch) should join the troop. The atmosphere is exuberant and one looks forward to a few happy days among friends, to a break from the typical everyday problems. But when they meet Finn and Hannes' mother (Hannelore Elsner) at their first stop, Hannes tells them that this trip has a completely different reason: he was diagnosed with ALS and he doesn't have much time left. His desire is to die with dignity. It has therefore decided to make use of euthanasia in Belgium. With the bike tour he wants to say goodbye to his friends and life and enjoy a few last, carefree days. After a first shock, Michael and the others decide that they want to make this short time as beautiful and exciting as possible for Hannes - and recognize for themselves how beautiful and precious life can be…

After the success of the lovable tragicomedy "Three Quarter Moon", director Christian Zübert has again chosen a very moving subject with "Hin und Weg". At first, the story reads as if it were predestined for excessive kitsch. Even an autumn depression in film form was not excluded with this rather difficult topic. But as in his last movie, Zübert also proved to have a good knack for dealing with challenging material. He skilfully avoids the almost inevitable sentimentality and doesn't fall into the bulky dreariness that is so popular in German films. Rather, he has succeeded in making a very entertaining, life-affirming film that inspires with its beautiful pictures and the great play of the wonderfully harmonizing cast.

Florian David Fitz masters the difficult challenge of not letting his play seem artificial, quite excellently. Almost more convincing than him, Julia Koschitz plays a woman who has to come to terms with the imminent death of her great love and who tries everything to stay strong for Hannes, so that he still has a few beautiful last hours and important, unforgettable memories left for her. Koschitz's game does without any theatricality, is extremely true-to-life and therefore really gets the viewer's heart in several moments. Jürgen Vogel is also perfectly cast as a womanizer and child's head, but he is well aware of his responsibility as his best friend and supports Hannes in exactly the right way on this difficult path.

To say that Miriam Stein ("Goethe!"), Volker Bruch ("Westwind"), Victoria Mayer ("The smile of the deep-sea fish") and Johannes Allmayer ("Vincent wants the sea"), on the other hand, are degraded to secondary figures, is certainly wrong. Nevertheless, Fitz, Koschitz and Vogel are clearly in the foreground, but are really perfectly supported by the rest of the ensemble. Even though some moments may seem a bit badly constructed, the actors make sure at every moment that the friendship between the characters is real. And this is one of the most important factors for the emotional effect of the story.

While the first two thirds of the film are always light and amusing moments, the last act is dominated by great sadness. Handkerchiefs should definitely be kept ready here, because it is almost impossible not to shed one or two tears here. But it's this sadness that makes Zübert create something quite wonderful, which releases the audience from the cinema with a very positive feeling. At the end, "Hin und Weg" has become a really great tragicomedy, that in the right moments shows the necessary restraint to touch the audience. It is a film that shows that even very difficult topics such as euthanasia, illness and death can be told in an entertaining way without having to be shallow or diluted. A film that makes you laugh and cry, that makes you want to live, especially since it deals with the inevitability of death, even for very young people. The bottom line is that all this clearly deserves to be seen!

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