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Pets 2

Pets 2

USA 2019 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Jan Josef Liefers, Fahri Yardim, Dietmar Bär, Jella Haase ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:The Secret Life of Pets 2
Genre:Children's Movie, Animation, Comedy
Regie:Chris Renaud, Jonathan del Val
Produktionsland:USA 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 86 min.
FSK:From 0 years]
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The animal heroes from "Pets" are back! After Terrier Max got competition in the first film in the form of the fuzzy Duke, the two now have to deal with a whole new roommate: a baby! But the dogs quickly take the little boy into their hearts, even though Max sees deadly dangers for the baby lurking everywhere in the big city. But a joint trip to the countryside will change his view of things forever. At the same time, rabbit Snowball and the other animals are throwing themselves into a turbulent adventure, involving a lost squeaky bee, an evil circus director and a tiger in distress… 

The problems I had with the first part are all too obvious again with "Pets 2". Again, there are some really wonderful scenes in which you have the feeling that the makers have observed the peculiarities of their pets very well and brought them to the screen in a very amusing way. These are moments that are slightly exaggerated, but nevertheless seem to be taken out of life. When Max is taken to the veterinarian, for example, there are behavioural patterns recognizable among the animals he meets there that probably everyone has already observed in the waiting room of a veterinary practice. It's quite clear: If the film shows what animals do, if the owners are out of the house or traces very special peculiarities such as the attempt of a cat to wake up its mistress or master, the whole thing is really a lot of fun. 

The sequel actually has another strength: The storyline around Max, Duke and their trip to the country is much more funny and powerful than anything the first movie has to offer. But unfortunately this is not the only story told here. And this brings us to the problems of film: it doesn't seem like a unit, but like a compilation of several short films. And some of them work better than others. It may be that Snowball is especially popular with children. But strictly speaking, he is also destroying the beautiful basic idea of the films here again. 

Because as soon as the hyperactive rabbit dominates the action, the makers don't rely so much on subversive humour, but rather hit themselves wildly and blindly with the gag club - true to the motto: some blow will strike. This is hectic, completely excessive and unfortunately only rarely really funny. Although some brilliant ideas shine through here again and again, but unfortunately they are all too often lost in the shrill chaos. It's just a pity how much wonderful potential has been given away here for some cheap jokes and completely exaggerated action. And that Snowball is allowed to rap at the end as well - gag…. 

Zug, children won't mind. And unlike many other animated films, "Pets 2" is primarily made for very young viewers and not for their adult companions. Sure, especially in the first minutes there is something to laugh about for the parents. But the bottom line is that the whole thing is a children's film that gives away a lot of potential just to serve some quick laughs. It's a pity, because the world of normal pets holds so many great moments, that it really wouldn't have brought car-driving creatures, bad stereotypes like the Russian circus director and oh so cool gangsta rabbits. Therefore: For fans of the first part worth seeing, otherwise rather to enjoy with restrictions!

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