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Point Break

Point Break

USA/Deutschland 2015 - mit Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Delroy Lindo ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Point Break
Regie:Ericson Core
Produktionsland:USA/Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 114 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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A very special gang of thieves has been keeping the FBI on its toes for months. In breakneck actions, they facilitate large companies around the world by millions, which they then distribute among the poorest in the region. For the young agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) it is clear: the criminals are not modern Robin Hoods, but extreme sportsmen who want to complete the so-called "Ozaki Eight" with their actions. The legendary extreme athlete Ono Ozaki has come up with increasingly difficult challenges to achieve the ultimate reconciliation between man and earth. Since Utha knows his way around the scene, he is undercovered by the team around the charismatic Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), who seems to be behind the deeds. But the more time Johnny spends with the extreme athletes, the more he begins to understand them and to doubt his mission - until the moment comes when he has to decide…

1991 the later Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow staged an action thriller with "Point Break", which was a real success at the box office and later became a kind of cult movie. Even though the movie has some obvious qualitative weaknesses in terms of script and actors, it still has a very high entertainment value, a charismatic "villian" and, for the circumstances at the time, very thrilling action sequences. It's quite understandable that a remake of the material has been staged due to the high degree of popularity, which the film has at least among a somewhat older audience. However, the fact that only the title, a few key scenes and a part of the dramaturgical backbone were taken from the original doesn't make much sense. Because then you shouldn't have called the movie "Point Break".

Does that make the new version equally bad? No - but the extremely thin script and the only conditionally convincing actors don't necessarily contribute to the fact that the movie turned out really well. No question about it, the action sequences, which are more based on the "Fast & Furious" movies than on Bigelow's film, are very well staged and especially in 3D they sometimes seem really spectacular. But as soon as one of the actors opens his mouth and one of these extremely clichéd, wooden dialogues comes out, it often becomes more embarrassing than exciting and thrilling.

The basic idea of this new edition is not bad at all. But what director Ericson Cole, who captured the action in the first part of "Fast & Furious" as a cameraman, managed to get out of this idea is extremely weak. The movie does have some really entertaining moments, which are quite fun. But unfortunately, it once again becomes clear that a few spectacular stunts, attractive people and well done action aren't enough to make up for a weak script. If you like senseless action movies and if you can overlook the many predictable clichés, this extreme sports thriller could be a real pleasure for you. But those who need more than just a few pretty, exciting pictures for an entertaining evening at the cinema are more likely to leave the cinema disappointed. And that's why there's only one: Worth seeing with some concessions!

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  • Point Break
Kino Trailer zum Film "Point Break (USA/Deutschland 2015)"
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