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Rate your Date

Rate your Date

Deutschland 2019 - mit Alicia von Rittberg, Marc Benjamin, Nilam Farooq, Edin Hasanovic ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Romance
Regie:David Dietl
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 110 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Single being a single can be a real pain, especially in big cities. Especially when you get on dates and have to realize how many idiots are running around the city, always trying to break your heart. Wouldn't it be great if you knew before a date what type of man or woman would be sitting opposite you? That's exactly what dating pro Teresa (Alicia von Rittberg) and her best friend Patricia (Nilam Farooq) think, who, as a single mom and hopeless romantic, has already experienced many disappointments. When Teresa meets the computer scientist Anton (Marc Benjamin) on an initially cruel date, the idea suddenly takes shape: Together with Patricia and Anton's best friend, the ripper Paul (Edin Hasanovic), they want to develop a dating app that divides all users into clear categories. #RateYourDate seems to be the app the dating world has been waiting for. But is it really so easy to put love into a drawer? 

In the satire "King of Germany" director David Dietl has shown in a very entertaining way how we become transparent people through the data that we leave everywhere, sometimes unnoticed by us. In the romantic comedy "Rate your Date", he now thematizes the willingness of many people to present themselves on the Internet in a sometimes very personal way and to reveal much of themselves - always on the false assumption that they are moving in a certain anonymity. And it shows that people can't be put in a drawer by a simple hash day. 

The story is told rapidly and humorously and is carried by a charming ensemble in which the chemistry is just right. One likes to watch these characters in their efforts to revolutionize the dating world and make life easier for the many lonely hearts in our cities. The four main characters always reveal more facets of their characters, not all of which can be described as strength. But Teresa, Anton, Paul and Patricia, with their all too human weaknesses, become very likeable figures of identification for the audience  

Naturally humour and heart are the focus here. But also the pitfalls of the Internet, which can have dramatic consequences, are not left out here. You shouldn't expect a profound accounting with Internet trolls and unscrupulous large corporations. A film like this wouldn't be the right platform for that either. The fact that the negative sides of the digital world nevertheless play a decisive role in the dramaturgy is only consistent and does not change the high entertainment value of this comedy. 

Good actors, some very funny dialogues, nice pictures from a big city summer and an atmospheric soundtrack, to which the Frankfurt musicians Namika and Chima also contributed a song, make "Rate your Date" perfect entertainment for a relaxed cinema evening. There's a #worth seeing!

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  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
  • Rate your Date
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