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Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone

Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone

Deutschland 2016 - mit Anton Petzold, Juri Winkler, Karoline Herfurth, Ronald Zehrfeld, David Kross, Fahri Yardim ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Children's Movie, Adventure, Comedy
Regie:Neele Leana Vollmar
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Approx. 94 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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The Deeply Gifted Rico (Anton Petzold) and his best friend, the Highly Gifted Oskar (Juri Winkler) are back! After the two unequal friends first put the evil child kidnapper Mister 2000 behind bars and then exposed the machinations of bingo drummer Ellie Wandbeck, they are confronted with a very special theft in their third and last adventure. After the death of his grumpy neighbour Fitzke, Rico is to take care of his beloved stone collection. But shortly after Fitzke's funeral, the famous calf stone disappears from his apartment. Rico and Oskar are sure that behind the theft is the mysterious woman in a yellow jacket who Rico discovered at the funeral. Since Rico's mother and her policeman boyfriend are on a hugging holiday together and Oskar's father (Detlev Buck) doesn't seem to be too interested in the children, the boys have to take the investigation into their own hands again. They finally land at the Baltic Sea and don't even stop at the nudist beach to get the calf stone back…

After the successful film adaptation of the popular children's and youth novel "Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten" the sequel "Rico, Oskar und das Herzgebreche" came into the cinemas one year later. But it lacked the very special charm and profound wit that made Part 1 such a very successful children's film. The good news is: With Neele Leana Vollmar, the director of the first part, the quality of the final also returns. The trilogy ends with the second best film of the series - a conciliatory finale that will make it difficult for little fans to say goodbye to Rico and Oskar.

The story is gripping and in some places even so exciting that it might be a little too exciting for very young cinema-goers. But every dark moment of tension is quickly followed by a loosening joke that not only children can laugh about. Because unlike in part 2 the humor here rarely gets too silly and sometimes even has a deeper level, which remains undiscovered by the little spectators, but about which the parents can smile amusedly. All in all, it's very positive that the script and the director take their target audience seriously and don't just limit themselves to the pee-pee humor that is unfortunately too often used in children's movies, but also use a more subtle joke at times.

Great praise also goes to the two young leading actors. They have grown into their roles perfectly and harmonize really well with each other because of the well worked out differences between the two characters. Their adult co-stars, Anton Petzold and Juri Winkler, are therefore playing loosely against the wall again this time. Even if there are a few small trailers and the quality of part 1 is not quite reached, "Rico, Oskar and the Theft Stone" is still a lot of fun for children and therefore also: Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
  • Rico, Oskar and the Theftstone
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