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Robinson Crusoe 3D

Robinson Crusoe 3D

Belgien/Frankreich 2015 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Matthias Schweighöfer, Kaya Yanar, Dieter Hallervorden, Cindy aus Marzahn ...

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Originaltitel:Robinson Crusoe
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Children's Movie
Regie:Vincent Kesteloot
Produktionsland:Belgien/Frankreich 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 90 min.
FSK:From 0 years]
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The story of "Robinson Crusoe" has been adapted countless times since the release of Daniel Defoe's novel in 1719. Whether on stage, on television, radio or of course in the cinema - even after almost three hundred years, the story of the shipwrecked Robinson is still a thrilling adventure that continues to fascinate the audience. Now the team around Ben Stassen ("The Magic House", "Sammy's Adventure") brings another, very free interpretation of the material into our cinemas. In this 3D animation adventure, the young Robinson (spoken by Matthias Schweighöfer) is taken to a small island inhabited only by the parrot Tuesday (Kaya Yanar) and his animal friends. Although they are not enthusiastic about the newcomer at first, Robinson and the islanders make friends after all. Together they are building a new home for humans, threatened by a danger that was washed up on the island together with Robinson…

"Robinson Crusoe" leaves a somewhat ambivalent impression. Dramaturgically speaking, the film is rather flat, closely follows the pattern of earlier Ben Stassen productions and offers relatively little depth. Visually, however, the colourful island adventure is a pleasure. Especially in the 3D version there are many wonderful moments to experience. With many small details it also becomes clear with how much love and technical skill the makers have worked here. It's a pity that this was only the case to a limited extent, especially with the script.

Although it is primarily visually convincing, it offers younger viewers in particular enough humour and suspense to enthusiastically release the target audience up to the age of 13 from the cinema. It may be that this variant of the popular adventure story has not turned out to be a particularly good family film. But it's always an exciting and funny children's film. This is ensured by the charming characters, which are charmingly brought to life not only by the animation team, but also by the well-chosen dubbing actors. Whether Dieter Hallervorden as an old goat Zottel, comedian Kaya Yanar as a cheeky parrot Tuesday or TATORT commissioner Aylin Tezel as Porcupine Epi, they all help the animal islanders to grow fast to the heart of the young spectators.

The excitement is relatively child friendly. However, there are some scenes that might be a bit too gloomy and frightening for very small children. Therefore a visit to the film is rather unsuitable for viewers under the age of 5. But especially adventure fans between 6 and 13 years will have a lot of fun here, because neither the somewhat uninspired story, nor the rather flat gags will attract their attention negatively. And therefore for the audience for which the film was made a very clear one applies: Worth seeing!

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  • Robinson Crusoe 3D
  • Robinson Crusoe 3D
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