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Safari: Match me if you can

Safari: Match me if you can

Deutschland 2018 - mit Max Mauff, Sebastian Bezzel, Friederike Kempter, Nina Alpers, Janina Fautz ...

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Regie:Rudi Gaul
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 109 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Being single has its advantages, to have a loving person at your side, but in the end it's much nicer. But especially in the big city it proves to be extremely difficult to find the right lid for the pot, despite dating portals, Tinder and Co.. Fortunately there's the new Safari app, with Fanny (Friederike Kempter) finally the man for life, the single Life (Sebastian Bezzel) a break from being a father, the young David (Max Mauff) a woman with whom he doesn't come much too early or the 48-year-old Mona (Juliane Köhler) finally want to find a steady partner at her side again. But no matter whether for fast sex or for love for life - as easy as it seems at first glance, loneliness can also be defeated with the app. On the contrary - it brings even more emotional chaos into the lives of its users…

The idea actually sounds very good: A lively ensemble comedy about the love life of city dwellers in times of dating apps. That could have been extremely funny, biting and lifelike. But unfortunately "Safari: Match me if you can" is none of that.  The humor is frighteningly unimaginative and old-fashioned. This becomes especially clear in the case of the wife of a notorious stranger so terribly played by Sunny Melles - or does anyone really find a terrible French cliché accent funny?

There are some moments - including the beginning of the film - in which director Rudi Gaul almost perfectly exploits the potential this subject has to offer. But whenever the movie just seems to get its act together, the annoying soundtrack and gags served with the sledgehammer make sure that the viewer has to bury the hope for an enjoyable movie night right away. Even Sebastian Bezzel, who is always reliable, cannot do much about this.

A couple of good, hard working actors, some really good sayings and original ideas aren't enough if the rest is as weak as it is here. Even the actually nice idea of somehow bringing all the plot strands together at the end doesn't work, because this wasn't done very imaginatively, but only chaotically. If "Safari: Match me if you can" were actually an app, it would definitely be deleted very quickly. So, with the best will in the world, the bottom line is as follows: Very conditionally worth seeing!

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  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
  • Safari: Match me if you can
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