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Deutschland 2015 - mit Benno Fürmann, Jerry Hoffmann, Liv Lisa Fries, Oliver Bröcker, Anna Brüggemann ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Dietrich Brüggemann
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 103 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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The highly pregnant Nina (Liv Lisa Fries) is not very enthusiastic about her friend, the celebrated Afro-German author Sebastian Klein (Jerry Hoffmann) presenting his bestseller about everyday racism in the East German province of all places. And the concern is justified: because at the station of the small town of Prittwitz Sebastian is not welcomed by enthusiastic fans, but by a group of neo-Nazis who take him to the cellar of their local group leader Sven (Benno Führmann). Stupid only that the author has lost his memory by the blow, which his welcome committee gave him, and now blithely imitates everything what is said to him. For Sven the perfect way to bring his brown thoughts to the people via the media. While Nina is searching for her Sebastian with the help of the frustrated village policeman Sascha, Sven lets him rage against integration on talk shows. Too stupid, though, that Sven's beloved, the tough Nazi bride Doreen (Anna Brüggemann), is not impressed. If you want to win them over, you have to let them speak for themselves. And so Sven, with the help of his henchmen Johnny (Jacob Matschenz) and Kalle (Daniel Zillmann), takes the big shot - and Sebastian is always in the middle of it...

Are you allowed to laugh about neo-Nazis? How far can the protection of the constitution be made ridiculous? And how politically incorrect can a satire be? With "Heil" filmmaker Dietrich Brüggemann tries to give answers to these and other questions. At first glance, the latest film by the versatile director ("Way of the Cross", "Run, if you can") is a comedy in which right-wing radicals are portrayed as full-headed idiots. If the film would have been limited to that, one could have accused Brüggemann of making it too easy for himself. Then "Heil" wouldn't have worked either. But Brüggemann fortunately does not limit himself to the all too obvious, one-sided Nazi bashing. Instead, he takes it to a satirical all-round blow in which really everyone - including himself - gets his fat off.

In doing so, he makes use of very different forms of humour. There is pure slapstick, first-class slapstick and satire gained from exaggerated clichés. Somewhere between Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Loriot and Billy Wilder, influences from the most diverse camps of cinematic humour can be recognized. That doesn't always work, but mostly. And especially when Brüggemann dares to be really beautiful and evil, no eye remains dry with this farce. If the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is overwhelmed when submitting a web address, if the antifas go to each other's throats because they feel that every statement that deviates even a little bit from their ideals is a right, if the problem is used in political talk shows to self-adulation of inflated egos or if the federal states of Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony with their different V-men put themselves on their feet, then it becomes very clear that "Heil" is anything but a flat comedy.

The biting dialogues were sometimes inspired by the tone of voice that many users display in Internet forums. Thus Brüggemann also unmasks a dogmatism that is prevalent especially in topics such as neo-Nazis or NSU, which leaves no room for constructive discussions. It is precisely with such important topics that people usually do not talk to each other, but only against each other - even if one is actually pursuing the same goal. Again, it's the political talks in the film, but also scenes on a demo against Nazis, which underpin this very well.

The actors, above all Benno Fürmann and Jacob Matschenz, show an enormous joy of playing, but also first-class comedic timing. Thus, they make sure that the movie also works very well in the more silly scenes. Surely the humor of comedy is not everyone's cup of tea. And some people - and this does not only mean people with a right attitude - may feel a little too treaded on their necks to be able to laugh a little self reflectively about the turbulent events. However, if you can get involved in the very special humor of this biting satire, if you are willing to leave the little grey cells activated even in comedies and if you like it politically incorrect, you shouldn't miss this movie. Absolutely worth seeing!

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