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Scouts of Peace

Scouts of Peace

Deutschland 2016 - mit Henry Hübchen, Antje Traue, Michael Gwisdek, Thomas Thieme, Jürgen Prochnow ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Adventure
Regie:Robert Thalheim
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 92 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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The BND agent Frank Kern (Jürgen Prochnow) gets into an ambush initiated by the KGB when he wants to bring the future president of Katschekistan from the country to an important peace conference in Berlin. Since the contact to their best agent is broken off and they run out of time, the responsible persons of the BND have only one choice: they have to ask the former GDR spy Jochen Falk (Henry Hübchen) to help them. Together with his former team - Jacky, the technician (Michael Gwisdek), Locke, the logistician (Thomas Thieme) and the once perfect seducer Harry (Winfried Glatzeder) - Falk is persuaded to join the mission. Finally, he has a score to settle with Kern, which he could also settle. Together with the young BND agent Paula Kern (Antje Traue), the pensioners let themselves be smuggled into Katschekistan, unaware that the mission will take place quite differently than planned…

The story of "scouts of peace" is actually a really good idea. Reactivating a group of retired agents and sending them to a crisis area with a young colleague is an amusing premise for an agent comedy. The old men are also absolutely perfect with Henry Hübchen and Michael Gwisdek. And director Robert Thalheim has also proven himself to be an accomplished filmmaker with films as diverse as "Westwind" or "Am Ende kommen Touristen". These are all good prerequisites, but they are not sufficient to produce an all-round successful work.

The problem with comedy is that it is nice and entertaining, but nothing more. Here and there she shows the necessary bite, which is noticeably missing in other places. In some moments the whole thing just lacks the necessary momentum, while in other scenes it's just the comedic timing that doesn't work out. That's a pity because the ingredients are all right. The ensemble is well chosen - including Hollywood export Antje Traue - and plays with obvious fun in the whole thing. The story also has potential that flashes through here and there in an entertaining way.

It's not quite clear whether it's the script or the director who's always stepping on the brakes before the full potential of the successful aspects can unfold. It's a fact that the movie weakens in exactly those points that actually make for great cinema entertainment. In fact, "Scouts of Peace" looks like solid TV entertainment: if you can watch it, it's also entertaining. But you really don't have to see that in the movies. A little more courage for malicious satire could have worked wonders here. Therefore, in the end, the only rule here is: Everyone involved made an effort, but in the end, unfortunately, the film didn't come out that could have been the "scout of peace". And that's why there is only a "worth seeing" with some exceptions!

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  • Scouts of Peace
  • Scouts of Peace
  • Scouts of Peace
  • Scouts of Peace
  • Scouts of Peace
  • Scouts of Peace
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