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Seduced and Abandoned

Seduced and Abandoned

USA 2013 - mit Alec Baldwin, Ryan Gosling, Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, Bérénice Bejo, Diane Kruger ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Seducend and Abandoned
Regie:James Toback
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 98 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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In addition to film presentations and the accompanying exhibition of stars and starlets on the red carpet, major film festivals are always a marketplace for new projects. This is where scripts are advertised, investors are sought and deals worth millions are made. One of the most important of these marketplaces is the legendary Cannes Film Festival. Filmmaker James Toback and actor Alec Baldwin also want to find sponsors at Croisette in 2012 for their joint project "The Last Tango in Tikrit", a political erotic adventure in the Middle East inspired by Bernardo Bertolucci's scandalous film "The Last Tango of Paris". They meet producers, investors and potential actors worth millions as well as great directors such as Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski or Francis Ford Coppola, from whom they hope to receive important advice.                 e e e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e &nbsp.nbsp;                 e e e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e  e &nbsp.nbsp;        

All these conversations, the doorbell cleaning of millionaires and studio bosses and the hustle and bustle behind the glittering facade of Cannes have captured the two in the documentary "Seduced and Abandoned". The result is a film that functions both as a declaration of love for cinema and filmmaking and as a sobering look at the mechanisms of the film industry. If, for example, a producer admits that he no longer reads scripts and finances a film merely based on the market value of the committed actors, the myth of Hollywood is already clearly disenchanted. Even what Ryan Gosling has to say about promotional tours for his films or the very realistic views Bérénice Bejo ("The Artist") expresses about the transience of fame is rather disillusioning.

On the other hand, there is the great passion that can be heard in the actors interviewed, but especially in the great directors, and which is accompanied by excerpts from numerous film classics in the split-screen process. And it quickly becomes clear that the many wonderful sides of cinema cannot exist without the mercilessly commercial industry behind the curtain and that it is responsible not only for a lot of fast-moving garbage, but also for many timeless works of art.

"Seduced and Abandoned" is a very entertaining and informative documentary for all cineasts and those viewers who are interested in filmmaking or the film industry. The movie also has some really wonderful moments to offer, whereas the interview sequences with a refreshingly honest Ryan Gosling and a very passionate Martin Scorsese stand out. Whoever survives the somewhat tough beginning gets a very exclusive glimpse behind the red carpets of Cannes, merciless film producers as well as legendary filmmakers and actors spoilt for success, far away from the usual promo gibberish. And this is really a lot of fun! Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Seduced and Abandoned
  • Seduced and Abandoned
  • Seduced and Abandoned
  • Seduced and Abandoned
  • Seduced and Abandoned
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