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Sex on the Beach 2

Sex on the Beach 2

Großbritannien 2014 - mit Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Emily Berrington ...

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Originaltitel:The Inbetweeners 2
Regie:Damon Beesley & Iain Morris
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 97 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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The "Inbetweeners" are back! After the former serial heroes Will (Simon Bird), Neil (Blake Harrison), Jay (James Buckles) and Simon (Joe Thomas) achieved a real record result at the box office in their home country Great Britain in 2012 with their first movie "Sex on the Beach", the escapades of the four friends are now going into a second round. Already the first movie was a lot coarser and more obscene than the also not very subtle series, "Sex on the Beach 2" even adds a scoop to it. The story plays a subordinate role: a few months have passed since the events of the first film. Will hasn't really settled in in the second semester at the University of Bristol, Simon feels only conditionally comfortable in his relationship and Neil - is Neil. Only Jay's life seems to be a real paradise after the separation from his girlfriend. He went to his uncle's house in Australia, where he allegedly lives in a real villa and constantly has sex with the hottest women. For the others, these are enough reasons to pay their buddy a visit in faraway Australia.

Who knows the series or the first movie, already suspects that Jay has exaggerated something (very) in his descriptions. He really does work in a club, as he grandly put it. But in reality he is not behind the controls as a DJ, but wipes up the guests' legacies as a Klomann. And it won't work out with the women either. But now that the rest of the "Pussy Patrol" is in Down Under, that's about to change. Together, the quartet set off for the backpacker Mecca of Byron Bay to experience many erotic adventures. But as you would expect, they don't leave out any fatigues in their efforts, no matter how small...

"Sex on the Beach 2" has some very amusing moments, that's out of the question. Just show-off Simon and the fat-cup diver Will provide again for some really good laughs. But unfortunately, the series creators and directors Damon Beesley and Iain Morris try to top the foreign shame factor of the first movie, whereby they rely too much on faecal humor. It's just too much of a good thing that the protagonists get pissed on or Neil's bowel emptied on a water slide, which of course has to end up in Will's face. The whole thing wouldn't be so bad if such jokes were only hinted at. But to show this in full disgust isn't really funny and doesn't necessarily testify to ingenuity.

That's unfortunate in that the series had its charm, which can also be felt in the two movies. Surely,   also in the three seasons of the series there were some scorn and some nevertheless rather niveaulose derailments. But all in all the first episodes worked really well, because not everything was shown in detail and more emphasis was placed on the small quirks of the main characters. The fact that the makers apparently had the feeling that they had to offer their target audiences as many crude sourpusses as possible in the cinema version and that they almost completely lost sight of what the series actually made out, not only lowers the level of the whole, but also the entertainment value.

Who could laugh heartily about "Sex on the Beach" and had the feeling that the whole thing was still a little too good, will probably laugh heartily several times during this trip to Australia. After all, the makers consistently carry through their uninhibitedly raunchy style to the end. Those who like this will really get their money's worth. If, on the other hand, you liked the series, but already had the feeling in the first movie that you were always overshooting the mark, then this second holiday with the "Inbetweeners" will be rather disgusting for you. Therefore: only for those comedy fans who don't think that there are things you just don't have to see and for fans of the zloty, for whom faeces are an always working comedic means, worth seeing!

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  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
  • Sex on the Beach 2
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