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Snitch - A risky deal

Snitch - A risky deal

USA 2013 - mit Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bernthal, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Pratt, Susan Sarandon, Nadine Velasquez ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Thriller, Action
Regie:Ric Roman Waugh
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 113 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Despite the economic crisis, business is going very well for the transport company John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson). And family life with his wife Analisa (Nadine Velazquez) and their daughter couldn't be better. But the perfect life, which John has painstakingly built up over the years, is suddenly shaken when Jason (Rafi Gavron), his son from his first marriage to Sylvie (Melina Kanakaredes), is arrested for a drug offence. Due to a seemingly absurd law, the boy could be threatened with up to ten years imprisonment, even though he has no previous convictions. The tough prosecutor Joanne Keeghan (Susan Sarandon), however, is willing to accept a deal with which John could drastically reduce his son's sentence: if he succeeds in delivering a dealer to the authorities, this would have a considerable effect on Jason's sentence. With the help of his previously convicted employee Daniel (Jon Bernthal), John actually manages to gain access to the brutal drug dealer Malik (Michael K. Williams). But he has no idea what danger he is putting himself and his family in, as a much more powerful and dangerous man is pulling the strings behind Malik. And of course he doesn't let himself be tampered with so easily…

For his latest film "Snitch - A Risky Deal" director Ric Roman Waugh ("Felon") was inspired by two controversial aspects of the American justice system. On the one hand, there is a law which makes minimum penalties for drug offences dependent solely on the quantity of drugs seized. On the other hand, the so-called "snitching", in which the authorities allow convicted persons to reduce their prison sentences if they can contribute to the arrest of other delinquents. Waugh has used these real backgrounds in a fictional thriller plot in which the convicted boy is unable to make such a deal with the prosecution because the only one he could rat out was the one who put him behind bars and saved his own neck. And so only his father has the chance to do it for his filius.

As the movie only focuses on action in the last third, "Snitch" is carried by its dramaturgy and the actors over long distances. And it works amazingly well. Certainly, the dialogues are not necessarily a prime example of profundity, and most of the conflict situations Waugh builds up here are already very clichéd. But the oppressive atmosphere of the story and the high level of tension in some scenes console us over many of the weak points. In addition, Dwayne Johnson's muscle package can hold its own against respected colleagues such as Susan Sarandon and Benjamin Bratt despite some somewhat wooden dialogues. The "Fast & Furious 6" star does not deliver an Oscar-worthy presentation. But for an (action-)thriller like this his performance is absolutely solid and stirring enough to leave a thoroughly positive overall impression.

What makes "Snitch - A risky deal" worth seeing is the fact that the movie not only tells an entertaining and thrilling story, but also poses some important and interesting questions about the legal system, which are worth discussing not only in the USA. This doesn't make the thriller a highly demanding drama for lovers of intelligent head cinema. But even if its bulging upper arms don't suggest it, this new Dwayne Johnson vehicle has more to offer than just muscles, machos and brainless action. And despite some obvious weaknesses there is a more than deserved one: Worth seeing!!

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  • Snitch - A risky deal
  • Snitch - A risky deal
  • Snitch - A risky deal
  • Snitch - A risky deal
  • Snitch - A risky deal
  • Snitch - A risky deal
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