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So close to the horizon

So close to the horizon

Deutschland 2019 - mit Luna Wedler, Jannik Schümann, Luise Befort, Frederick Lau, Denis Moschitto, Victoria Mayer ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Drama, Romance
Regie:Tim Trachte
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 117 min.
FSK:From 12 years]
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Jessica (Luna Wedler) just turned 18 and has already clearly planned her future. But in the life of every human being there are events that simply cannot be foreseen. For Jessica this is the encounter with Danny (Jannik Schümann), with whom she falls head over heels in love. The successful model is charming, handsome and very self-confident. Who can resist? Not Jessica. But for a long time she is not allowed to float on cloud seven, because she discovers that Danny hides a dark secret behind his shimmering facade. And now Jessica has to ask herself whether her young love is strong enough to survive the battle she and Danny are facing… 

"The Horizon So Close" is based on the bestseller of the same name by Jessica Koch, who in the book had worked out the true story of her first great love. Director Tim Trachte ("Abschussfahrt") has convincingly adapted the heartfelt story for the big screen. Of course, the whole thing is not free of clichés. On the contrary - many a character and some plot elements can be found in almost all simply knitted TV and cinema romances. That's not very original, but it's really annoying in the fewest moments. What this novel adaptation can really benefit from are the two main actors. Luna Wedler, who recently convinced in "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World", manages to give her figure something like character depth and interesting facets despite all kinds of clichés. It's easy to forgive the fact that her voice over comments are a bit mumbled.  

Jannik Schümann's Danny is a little bit like the screenplay (and probably the original book), at the beginning like the typical pretty boy with the typical bad boy attributes, but in his heart he's a good boy who reads a lot and can be soooo romantic. Fortunately, this character isn't quite as one-dimensional as it seems at first. The dramaturgical twists attributed to this character and Schümann's persuasive play console us over some of the inevitable clichés  

And so succeed in doing something that many other teen romances fail to do: "So close to the horizon" really gets to your heart and creates some very nice moments, which just look real on an emotional level. Yes, a little bit of the photo love story remains the character of the story. But especially in comparison to other representatives of this genre, the whole thing is much better and more complex than it seems at the beginning. Great actors - even in smaller supporting roles - and a nice soundtrack support this positive overall impression. But there is quite clearly - especially for girls between 12 and 18 - quite clearly one: Worth seeing!

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  • So close to the horizon
  • So close to the horizon
  • So close to the horizon
  • So close to the horizon
  • So close to the horizon
  • So close to the horizon
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