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Deutschland 2015 - mit Clifton Collins Jr., Jessica Cook, Lance Henricksen, David Masterson ...

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Genre:Horror, Comedy
Regie:Benni Dietz
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Ca. 87 min.
FSK:From 16 years
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For Julia (Jessica Cook) there's a lot at stake: she wants to really get started with her small catering company. And that's why the party on the estate of the rich widow Perch (Eve Slatner) must be a complete success. Her colleague Paul (Matt O`Leary) doesnŽt see it so closely, but swore to show herself at her best for his attractive boss on this evening. And indeed, the reception on the old estate seems to be a complete success. But this changes abruptly when a swarm of huge wasps plunges on the guests. These things are such a nuisance. But it doesn't get really dangerous until they've stung someone. Because then they mutate into giant killer monsters, from which there is hardly any escape. A small group around Paul and Julia manages to escape to the widow's house. But soon they realize that the killer wasps can't be stopped there either…

With his directing debut "Stung" Benni Dietz delivers B-creature horror to the old school. Shot at Börnicke Castle, Bernau, Dietz sends his international cast on a trashy survival trip that features some great practical effects and entertaining splatter moments. When the mutant wasps break out of their victims, then the wonderful trash horror is of a pleasantly old-fashioned kind. The fact that a lot of work was done with prostheses or mechanical effects, and not just with computer effects (which of course are also used), lends the film a certain charm that comforts us over the flat dialogues and the exaggerated play of actors who are actually experienced, such as Clifton Collins Jr. or Lance Henricksen.

From the arrival of Julia and Paul on the estate to the big wasp attack on the estate, the film is really fun. You can feel the director's love for the genre. And a touch of self-irony raises the entertainment value again and again. After about 45 minutes the number of survivors is significantly reduced and the few who did not fall victim to the mutated wasps have to fight their way through the old villa. Here there are also some somewhat longer dialogue sequences, which lack the irony that accompanied the film until then. Instead, they are now replaced by rather involuntary comedy, which only disappears when the finale is wonderfully overturned. Too tense Dietz tries to give some depth to his characters and build up some real moments of tension. The latter he manages quite well a few times. But all in all the movie suffers from the lack of humor in this section - and this is unfortunately fatal in a B-movie.

All in all, "Stung" doesn't live up to its potential. But for friends of amusing B-movie horror, the work offers enough successful moments to guarantee a fun movie visit. The film clearly benefits from the fact that someone was at work here who grew up with classic creature horror and wanted to pay tribute to the classics of this genre with a wink of the eye. If you don't expect a solid horror of the exciting and thrilling kind and simply want to have wonderful trashy fun, then this is the place for you. Worth seeing

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