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Sunset over Hollywood

Sunset over Hollywood

Deutschland 2019 - mit Connie Sawyer, Anne Faulkner, Madie Smith ...

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Regie:Uli Gaulke, Agnes Lisa Wegner
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2019
Laufzeit:Ca. 97 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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Hollywood - The dream factory, a place of the rich and beautiful, where being young is the absolute ideal. But even if plastic surgery helps where it can, people in Hollywood will become old and frail at some point. A very special old people's home was founded for them many years ago. Here, hidden at the end of the legendary Mullholland Drive, actresses, screenwriters, directors, producers, cameramen and other creative minds from the film industry spend their twilight years. Even if the people here have to struggle with the everyday problems of old age, there is still a good hint of Hollywood blowing through this special place… 


In their amusing but also very emotional documentary "Sunset over Hollywood", Uli Gaulke and Agnes Lisa Wegner cast a captivating glance into this extraordinary microcosm. The film portrays in a very charming way some residents of the old people's home and shows impressively that these creative heads of the dream factory not only lose themselves in memories of the good old days, but also pursue their love of the cinema in old age wherever possible. There you meet for creative writing and develop script ideas or plan the staging of a new film. 

The fact that there are still some exaggerated egos in Hollywood's old people's home, here and there provides for very amusing moments. However, the directing duo perfectly avoids making fun of the protagonists. Rather, they are portrayed in a very sensitive and lovable way, which greatly enhances the entertainment value of this documentary. "Sunset over Hollywood" is a love letter to old Hollywood, but also a film about people who have enchanted millions of viewers with their work. These people, who so often stand in the background and are only names in the credits, are finally put in the spotlight here. 

The fact also becomes clear that creativity cannot simply be put on the sidetrack. It is therefore all the more beautiful that there is a place for these people where they can do everything they loved so much in their active time, even in the last phase of their lives. A really beautiful, entertaining film, which can be warmly recommended to documentary fans who love the classic Hollywood cinema. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Sunset over Hollywood
  • Sunset over Hollywood
  • Sunset over Hollywood
  • Sunset over Hollywood
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