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Swimming with Men

Swimming with Men

Großbritannien 2018 - mit Rob Brydon, Adeel Akhtar, Daniel Mays, Jim Carter, Charlotte Riley ...

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Originaltitel:Swimming with Men
Regie:Oliver Parker
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 96 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Eric (Rob Brydon) has a problem. It's called midlife crisis! While his wife Heather (Jane Horrocks) rises to become a much sought-after and busy local politician, he is trapped in the monotony of his bookkeeping job. The relationship with his son also cools down more and more and he seems to be able to get enthusiastic about nothing anymore. This changes when one evening, during his usual visit to the swimming pool, he observes a group of men trying synchronized swimming. The colorfully assembled troupe is not really good, but they seem to have fun. Soon Eric becomes part of the group, which not only gets better with every meeting, but also gives Eric the courage to allow changes in his life. The only question is whether it's already too late for his marriage…

"All or not" in the swimming pool - this or something like that would be the best way to describe the wonderfully charming comedy "Swimming with Men". A group of men get together to swim against the apparent senselessness of their everyday lives - gracefully and synchronously, of course. Director Oliver Parker was inspired by the documentary "Men who swim", which traced the unexpected success of a male synchronized swimmer team from Sweden. From this documentary Parker not only got the idea for his film, but also the trainer of the swimmers portrayed in it.

The Swede was hired to train the actors in synchronized swimming so that no doubles had to be used. After the synchronized swimming boat camp the shooting could start. The result is a sympathetic film, which won't win any prizes for originality and which is also a bit thick towards the end. But that doesn't matter at all. The bottom line is that a good mood prevails over any point of criticism, however justified it may be. This is due not only to the charming history, but also to the wonderful ensemble.

Alongside the comedian and actor Rob Brydon, who is very well known in his home country, "Downton Abbey" butlers Jim Carter and Adeel Akhtar ("The Big Sick", "Four Lions") quickly conquer the hearts of the audience. The great ensemble also helps the film over some small lengths and bumpy moments. In the end there is nothing profound about it, but a pleasant feeling of joy. And that's definitely worth the price of a movie ticket. Absolutely worth seeing!

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  • Swimming with Men
  • Swimming with Men
  • Swimming with Men
  • Swimming with Men
  • Swimming with Men
  • Swimming with Men
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