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USA 2020 - mit John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Action, Mystery, Fantasy
Regie:Christopher Nolan
Produktionsland:USA 2020
Laufzeit:Ca. 150 min.
FSK:From 12 years old
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That's quite a burden to put on "Tenet", the new film by Christopher Nolan ("Dark Knight", "Inception"). It is the first blockbuster production to hit the cinemas since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The film is a ray of hope for both studios and movie theater operators: if they succeed in attracting enough viewers to the badly shaken cinemas so that the $200 million production makes a profit, this could prompt other studios to release more prestige projects and not to postpone them any further. Apart from that, it's finally great cinema again, where it belongs. And that just feels damn good!

About the content there should not be revealed too much. Roughly speaking "Tenet" is about the mysterious hero (John David Washington), who is only called the protagonist, who is supposed to stop a powerful arms dealer (Kenneth Branagh) from bringing about the end of the world. And for this the laws of time as we know them are put out of action. That's all you should know before going to the cinema. Because "Tenet" doesn't only live from great pictures, but also from the mystery of the story, which admittedly is a bit confusing. If you thought that "Inception" with its different dream levels was already complicated to unravel, you could definitely get your teeth into this work - at least in places.

This is not a film for relaxed brain switching off. You have to stay attentive from the beginning and also pay attention to little things that might still play a role in the end. This makes the whole thing a little bit bulky, but overall no less brilliant. Nolan impressively manages to take a well-known element like time travel (in the broadest sense) and make something very special out of it - both dramaturgically and visually. One sequence stands out in particular: a great action sequence in which time runs forward and backward at the same time. The fact that Nolan hardly used any CGI effects in the realisation of this ambitious project, but rather used practical effects on real film locations, gives the film an authentic touch despite its not quite realistic story, from which the overall impression clearly benefits.

Acting the film is also great cinema - which is not a matter of course. John David Washington can convince as a protagonist in every second, Robert Pattinson has never been so likeable and grown-up as here and Kenneth Branagh gives a damn good, profound bad guy. Because of the good ensemble, to which also belongs a hypothermic and yet very emotional acting Elizabeth Debicki, the whole thing works not only in the numerous action sequences (right from the beginning the opening sequence is spectacular in this respect), but also in the more quiet character moments.

After my first enthusiasm, I honestly asked myself if my extremely positive impression of "Tenet" might have been intensified by the fact that I, as a big movie lover, was happy to see the first really big movie on the big screen since March. Yes, there's no question about that, it certainly played into the fact that this was a special screening for me. Nevertheless, even completely detached from the importance this film has for the whole industry, "Tenet" is simply a great work: You can tell that there was a director involved who loves cinema, but who doesn't just want to offer great pictures and fast action, but also intellectual challenges. He succeeded in doing so several times since "Memento" and this works out great again with "Tenet" - provided, of course, that you are willing to get involved.

Who likes films like "Inception" and who can get involved with stories that are not completely anchored in reality, should not miss this work in the cinema - because "Tenet" simply belongs on the big screen. Absolutely worth seeing!

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