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The Blind Spot

The Blind Spot

Deutschland 2013 - mit Benno Fürmann, Heiner Lauterbach, Nicolette Krebitz, August Zirner, Jörg Hartmann ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Thriller, Drama
Regie:Daniel Harrich
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 92 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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On September 26, 1980, many thousands of people celebrated the Oktoberfest in Munich, until at 10:19 p.m. an explosion killed 13 people and injured another 211, many of them seriously. It was one of the most serious acts of terrorism in German post-war history, which still raises many open questions today. The alleged perpetrator was quickly found. The 21-year-old student Gundolf Köhler from Donaueschingen was identified by the investigating authorities as a bomber. He had acted as an individual perpetrator and without any political motivation. It is a highly controversial result of the investigation, which is contradicted not only by a number of testimonies not taken into account. The journalist Ulrich Chaussy (Benno Fürmann) also doubts the single perpetrator thesis. And indeed, his research soon reveals a number of inconsistencies. Thus Köhler was by no means an isolated loner in his private life, as he was presented in the investigation report. In addition, there are clear links to the right-wing radical scene, which have also been ignored. Together with Werner Dietrich (Jörg Hartmann), the victims' lawyer, Chaussy wants to find answers to his questions and suspects that the head of state, Dr. Hans Langemann (Heiner Lauterbach) knows a lot more than he is willing to admit… 

Based on Ulrich Chaussy's research, filmmaker Daniel Harrich has staged "Der blinde Fleck" (The Blind Spot), an atmospheric conspiracy thriller that presents itself extremely exciting and highly interesting precisely because of its real background. Certainly, there are some elements of the plot that are not perfectly implemented. Thus, the scenes that deal with Chaussy's marriage seem rather unimportant for the actual story. Surely it is important to show what effects the journalist's very dogged and lengthy research had on his relationship with his colleagues and on his private life. Since this is dealt with rather incidentally, however, the burden that becomes too much for his wife Lise (Nicolette Krebitz) at some point is hardly comprehensible. And this has the consequence that Lise seems more like an uncomprehending bitch - which certainly wasn't the director's intention.

However, this is of course only a very small weak point in an otherwise very successful production, which does not quite reach the class of great conspiracy thrillers like "The Incorruptible" or "The Three Days of the Condor", but which is damn close in its best moments. An oppressive basic mood and the very good actors make sure that despite a rather carried narrative tempo the tension remains on a pleasantly high level until the end. In addition to a convincing Benno Fürmann, an ice-cold Heiner Lauterbach and August Zirner leave a lasting impression. All in all Daniel Harrich managed to get a great ensemble in front of the camera for his cinema debut, from which the film can profit even in the weaker moments.

Although the actors are good, "Der blinde Fleck" lives primarily from its story. And it is not only because of its explosive nature and the devastating tragedy of the terrorist attack that it is extremely stirring and exciting. It's true that some important questions don't only remain unanswered in the end. However, the mere fact that the movie raises these questions again and recalls what was consciously or unconsciously done wrong during the investigation, makes it not only exciting and entertaining, but also in a certain way very important. And for friends of the genre it is simply very pleasant that something like the classic conspiracy thriller still exists! And for that there are, despite some small dramaturgical weaknesses, a more than deserved one: Worth seeing!

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  • The Blind Spot
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  • The Blind Spot
  • The Blind Spot
  • The Blind Spot
  • The Blind Spot
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