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The department store Cop 2

The department store Cop 2

USA 2014 - mit Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez, Neal McDonough, Shirley Knight ...

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Originaltitel:Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Regie:Andy Fickman
Produktionsland:USA 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 94 Min.
FSK:6 years and older
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Paul Blart (Kevin James) is back in action: After being celebrated as a hero for a short time, life with the department store cop was not exactly good. After only a few days of marriage, his great love broke up with him again and his beloved mother was run over by a milk supplier. Only his daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) gives him support during this frustrating time. But then there is finally a small moment of happiness when Paul is invited to the big Security Guard Expo in Las Vegas. He is certain that his rescue of the West Orange Pavilion Mall six years ago will be honoured there. But everything comes out completely different than expected. Because it is precisely in the hotel where the Expo is taking place that a major art theft is to take place. And of course a department store cop like Paul Blart can't allow that...

The films of Kevin James may not necessarily be the biggest critic favorites. As a rule, however, they are already a box-office hit. As the department store cop Paul Blart, he was able to flush almost 200 million dollars into the box office worldwide six years ago, despite the poor reviews. With a very manageable budget of 26 million dollars, this is quite a rich profit, which is why a continuation was actually inevitable. And so Paul Blart can now swing back onto his Segway and slide from one catastrophe to the next. On the surface, "Der Kaufhaus Cop 2" remains true to the concept of the first part in every respect. There is once again a spectacular crime that Blart must prevent with more luck than reason. And there is a lot of slapstick again, which fans of Kevin James will surely laugh about again. Surely, some of the good jokes are taken from the first part only slightly varied, like the amusing consequences of acute lack of sugar at the stupid security officer. But despite a certain recognition value they still work quite well for the target group.

The real problem of the movie is the way Paul Blart's character has changed over the years. In part 1 he was still the lovable loser who would have been granted all the happiness in the world. After only a few minutes Paul Blart clearly had the sympathies of the audience on his side. In the second part now he seems completely out of touch with reality, arrogant and especially in regard to his daughter like a completely insensitive idiot. Even though it's clear that this is only a facade, it's hard to like this Paul Blart in the first half of the film as much as the one from the first part.

That also has the consequence that many of the gags are sluggish. The fake teeth and funny hairstyles given to some of the supporting actors don't help much either. Until Paul Blart is allowed to take on the bad guys, the film takes a long time and makes its audience laugh far too seldom. The last third can compensate for this a little. The movie doesn't get really good by that, though. Surely, "Der Kaufhaus Cop 2" is not made for the feature pages, but is primarily intended to lure fans of the first part into the cinemas and offer them 90 entertaining minutes. And the Brachial-Komödie manages that quite well in the end. If you like the humor of the Kevin James or Adam Sandler movies, you will definitely get some good laughs for your money. But if you could only smile tiredly about Paul Blart's first appearance, you won't be a fan of the "Kaufhaus Cop" even if you continue. Therefore: Only for fans with some deductions worth seeing!

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  • The department store Cop 2
  • The department store Cop 2
  • The department store Cop 2
  • The department store Cop 2
  • The department store Cop 2
  • The department store Cop 2
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