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The Discovery of Infinity

The Discovery of Infinity

Großbritannien 2014 - mit Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, Emily Watson, David Thewlis ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:The Theory of Everything
Genre:Drama, Romance
Regie:James Marsh
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 123 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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The young student Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) lives for his research on the dimensions of time and space in the universe. He hardly allows for distractions. Only the student Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones) manages to get Stephen to think differently. Between the two a young love blossoms, which soon threatens a dramatic end. Because when Stephen is diagnosed with the incurable nervous disease ALS, he withdraws completely. Since the doctors only give him a few years to live, he wants to protect Jane from future pain and end the relationship. But Jane is not willing to give up the love of her life. She stands by Stephen and is ready to face all the challenges that his illness brings with it. But the more Stephen's illness takes away his ability to move and communicate, the clearer it becomes for Jane what burden and responsibility she has taken upon herself. And while Stephen, defying any physical limitation, continues his research, the more Jane seems to lose sight of her own happiness…

"The Discovery of Infinity" is less a classic biopic about Stephen Hawking than more of a moving love drama that shifts its focus increasingly to Hawking's wife Jane just in the last third. This isn't really surprising, since the movie by Oscar-winning James Marsh ("Man on Wire") is based on their memoirs "Love has eleven dimensions: My life with Stephen Hawking." The script adaptation by Anthony McCarten, author of the wonderful "Am Ende eines viel zu kurzen Tages" ("At the end of a far too short day") and the author's novel, turns the couple's life and love story into a romance filled with many goose bumps, in which Marsh's staging more than once presses hard on the tear gland.

The sugar icing sometimes seems a bit too thick, which also reveals some dramaturgical lengths. But in the end these weak points hardly have a negative effect on the overall impression. Because the actors' play is so great, that you as a viewer will gladly accept some more tenacious or too sentimental moments. Not only the supporting actors, but also Felicity Jones stand in the shadow of Eddie Redmayne. But director Marsh gives them enough space to fully develop their talent. Nevertheless, at the end the film belongs to a great Eddie Redmayne, who, especially as a young Stephen Hawking, plays the insidious loss of control over his body grandiosely and extremely movingly.

However, even as an older Hawking, as most people might know him, the young Briton convinces all along the line. He finds the right nuances in order not to make his game appear too striking or even involuntarily funny. Redmayne not only succeeds in convincingly conveying the physical aspects of the character. The charisma radiated by the ingenious thinker is also perceptibly transported to the canvas by this award-winning performance.

"The Discovery of Infinity" is not a particularly subtle work. Marsh's production makes no secret of the fact that she primarily wants to arouse great emotions. For this to succeed, there should be a certain penchant for slightly kitschy emotional cinema. Also, viewers who expect a detailed examination of Hawkin's scientific works might be disappointed in the end despite the many successful aspects. But if you prepare yourself for an intense love story with great actors, you won't only be emotionally moved, but also very well entertained. A very nice movie, that deserves a clear "Absolutely worth seeing" at the end, despite some small points deductions in the B-score!

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  • The Discovery of Infinity
  • The Discovery of Infinity
  • The Discovery of Infinity
  • The Discovery of Infinity
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